21 Feb

It’s 12:17 and I have been listening to Why? for quite some time now (2 hours?).  I don’t feel like entering a digital tablet thing at the moment, but I will tomorrow.
I bought some movies today, some tickets to Emerald City ComicCon for my sister and I, a book, and I got a lot of free books for the sacred dumpster of Half-Price.  Michaela and I hung out for most of the day.

Emily and I had a really nice time yesterday.  We went to the park and then threw a disc around for a bit.  She implied she wasn’t really any good, but she had some pretty nice throws.  Good to touch a disc again for myself, too.

I decided a week or so ago that since she wanted to keep things just friendly then I shouldn’t get hooked up on her.  I tried moving past that and heading towards others, but, after yesterday, I realized that I genuinely like her a lot and have a lot of fun.  It was really frustrating to see perverts in their cars staring at her and making faces while we were walking along the street.  It’s so unfair that women/girls are subjected to that treatment.

I want to ease her burden; her stress.

I just took Lorazepam for the first time.  I feel tired.  My right hand was shaking: that’s my typical sign of panic.  I don’t know why I was feeling that way.  My sentences are quite short.
Look out for a real update tomorrow.


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