Graphic Journal: Feb. 21st + others

21 Feb

As briefly mentioned in the actual graphic journal part, Michaela and I went to some stores.  This also included a trip to THE dumpster.  THE dumpster happens to be the dumpster where Half-Price books recycles all of the books they do not believe they can sell.  This weekend I got: “Robinson Crusoe,” “The Bourne Identity,” “Paradise Lost,” “Moby Dick,” “101 Famous Poems,” “Nature and the Universe,” “536 Puzzles & Curious Problems,” and “100 Most Common Medical Blunders.”  Yes, all of this from a simple 30 minutes digging through a dumpster.

As you can see, rolling around in a dumpster full of books can cause something akin to ecstasy for me.

Included below is a pop art sketch/coloring I did of Michaela as she sat on my bed (her signature included):


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