Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: comic related?

9 Feb

Okay, I have a 2 hour class in less than an hour, I have to print out an essay that I just edited for it, but what am I going to do instead?  Yeah, that’s right, give you some gift ideas.

Why?  Well, I kinda pooped out on all of the followers for Christmas.  So, I’ll go with this, instead.


Learning to Love You More by Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July

Okay, to be truthful, I haven’t read this book.  I am a massive fan of the website and I’m sad to leave it go.  So, what’s this about?

Well, the organizers of the website came up with various things for people to go out and do either by themselves or with someone else.  Some of these were completed by entire families.

Some examples of the assignments are: “Make an Educational Public Placque,” “Record the Sound that is Keeping You Awake,” “Document Your Bald Spot,” and “Braid Someone’s Hair.”

The book collects some of the best submissions on more of the visual items (like people making posters of shadows) for your viewing pleasure.  The book not only excites you to go and try new things, but encourages bonding.


Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani

Really, this comic is timeless.  It’s appealing to young and old because it’s super fun.  Recently, the comic has focused on some of the romance between Starfire and Robin, and that can definitely be super cute and valentine’s day-ey.

Trust me, this will be much more appealing to a little kid to collect and to hold than candy or pajamas.

The bright, stylized artwork along with a clever script really hits the spot for everyone.  You may find yourself reading this along with some kids!  AWWWW Yeah!


Boys to Girls –

Phonogram by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

This comic is pretty cool.  Definitely for a fan of obscure music/pop culture references.  Definitely a comic appealing to that “hip” crowd.  So, if that special girl you like has a nack for loving music and being super trendy, this is the edgy comic you need.

The first series focused primarily on BritPop while the second series became a bit more broad with a few mondern-ish references.

Girls to Boys –

Chew by John Layman and Rob Guill0ry

Want to impress the socks off of that special boy!?  Well, get him “Chew!”  Nothing is more Valentine’s Day appropriate than a comic about a cybopath who can take a bite of anything and find out where it came from.

At times both humorous, gory, dramatic, and sharp, this comic really delivers.

For an issue more focused on love, check out issue #3.

Other –

The Authority by Warren Ellis:

Want a superhero comic with a super fine married gay couple!?  Wildstorm delivers the promises in something that is well written, well drawn, and truly respects the LGBT community.  Plus, it’s a kickass superhero comic!


Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel

Dykes to Watch out for gives another opposite side of the spectrum with the lesbian community.  Bechdel really hits stride on this nationally acclaimed strip that covers all manners of life including love for lesbians.
Also, I do know that some of the early 80s Legion of Superheroes featured Transgender/Transexual themes that some may find appealing.


Tales of Woodsman Pete with Full Particulars by Lilli Carre

Quite frankly, I would love if someone just got me another copy of this.  It’s soooo good that I would love multiple copies of it.

You can blaze through this book in about 30 minutes, but the stories stick with you.  They cover love, loneliness, depression, happiness, and other the entire spectrum of the human experience.

I believe the best Valentine’s Day gift isn’t something plastered with hearts, but something that helps someone else realize what love is or, at least, get a better sense of their emotions.  This short little graphic novel will do that and much more because it’s timeless and beautiful.

Hope that helps, folks!

Time to print and go to class, I’ve got 10 min.

Shit, I’ll update when I’m done about a movie or two that are good gifts.


One Response to “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: comic related?”

  1. theothergardener February 9, 2010 at 4:40 PM #

    On “Learning to Love you more,” was ‘dying of boredom’ included on the list of activities?

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