Waiting? A mini-comic.

7 Feb

One of my favorite things to do to pass time and still create art is to just slap some frames on a page and make up a narrative based off of that.  Sure, sometimes it may not be coherent, and it typically ends up looking a bit messy.  Nevertheless, you end up with a product that may be an exercise as well as a great fun piece of artwork for yourself.  Sure, I typically pull on my own life (yeah, this is totally about my own life), but I really enjoy drawing close-ups and then suddenly pulling the view out.

On this, I tried to go with a 3 color palette (blue, black, and white), but then it felt a bit too empty.  So, I threw in the yellow to add to it.  I felt that going over and above with the yellow in the first two frames and then reducing it for the next three and ending it with a decent prominence in the last frame was important for the themes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  I’m going to pet Sabretooth because her ear’s twitching as she’s sleeping.

Oh, and I should probably do that homework I’ve been avoiding all day.


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