Graphic Journal: Feb. 6th & a short story

6 Feb

I feel like a cold treat.  Ice cream?  Water?  An Icy Kiss?

Sitting above everyone else eating, I sat eating.  Forks pressed against lips feeling the tinge of sterling taken for granted despite hundreds of years using cutlery nearly every day.  Social memory failing the masses, I suppose.  Eating and talking.  They were doing the talking: I, observing.

Comfy chairs by a small fire in the commons as chatty conversations echoed with a low reverb profile; maybe it was recorded in a conversation.  A conversation recorded in the commons near a kitchen.

A girl briskly lifted her arm triumphantly holding an umbrella in hand; earlier it was sprinkling I had noticed outside.  I was nervous of the glow reflected from the fire off the polystructure of the plastic and metal beams.  I wonder who invented the umbrella.

Then – as if it wasn’t obvious through all of the horror stories – she naturally, reflexively pressed the button to shoot the second half of the contraption towards its unfolding; unfolding like a flower shot over the days with the film sped up.  It was elegant, but it was work.  She didn’t work.  The machine worked elegantly.

Instantly, I thought about the superstition.  In a second instant I thought about how I wasn’t superstitious.  In the next, I questioned how many people at the same exact moment of the umbrella reaching its climax indoors had thought about superstition.  Then I asked if they were also not superstitious.  In an instant this shot past me.  Shot past me like control.

The girls laughed.

I wondered if those instants, that elegance, that reverb, that machine, that sterling, that “that” proved the existence of god.


One Response to “Graphic Journal: Feb. 6th & a short story”

  1. Alexandria February 12, 2010 at 2:26 PM #

    I’m sorry about the confusion and that she doesn’t seem to want anything right now. I am sure she will come around though, you are a pretty fantastic person.

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