Ma’am, You’ve Got Yourself a Healthy Blog!

3 Feb

The dexterity of a Saint.

One of my favorite (addictions) things about WordPress is the Stats feature.  I obsessively check this multiple times a day willing the number to increase and increase and increase.  So, I figured I’d share some info. with the devoted readers about how goddamn well and proud I am of this blog.

January was the best month yet with a total of4,070 views (!).

The average views per day was 131 which is 2x (+) more than any other month.

The last week of January had an astounding average of 208 views per day.

The former busiest day in October was surpassed on the 25th with 237 views.  Two days later, the blog got 236 views.

Most Popular Posts:
J. Scott Campbell with 685 views
Andrew Lloyd Weber with 419 views
Super HeroiHot She-Hulk with 144 views

Top Search Terms:
– “Cats Musical” with 220 views caused by search
– “Jesus Christ Superstar” with 73 views caused by search
– “Phantom of the Opera” with 71 views caused by search

Strangest/More Memorable Search Terms:

  • Sonic and Sally Hentai
  • Man Choking Woman
  • Color Me Ninja Turtles
  • Butt Groper
  • Sailor Moon Poops Her Panties
  • Latex Workout
  • Fairy Tail Sex
  • Skivies
  • Batgirl Big Tittis
  • Apple Tree
  • Grout Puns
  • Headache When I Have to Poop
  • Waterski Pyramid Woman on Top
  • Gorilla Tits
  • A Fat Gorilla Humping a Gorilla
  • Gorilla Glasses
  • Nakedness Weird
  • Looking
  • Panty Poop

The strange thing is: some of those were searched multiple times.  Plus, I wonder if just one person happened to have a Gorilla obsession?  Also, there’s a lot of people that come here expecting hentai of children’s characters… which is awkward.  Hate to disappoint.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I get to check every day!


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