An Evolution of the Sabretooths

17 Jan

Follow me as I track the history of Sabretooths to come to the dangerous thing known as my cat.

A system of protein folds!  That were named by humans… still, the folds were there first.

Sabre-toothed Cat... the beginning of the biting addiction

This is the same look my cat gives me all the time: placid, yet deadly.

Here at this moment, we jump a good couple thousand years…

The resemblance to my cat is uncanny.

After finding this cousin-name of my cat, I had to ask her, "Sabretooth, um... are you not telling me something? Do you like to dress up in bright colors when I'm gone? It's okay, I'll accept you no matter what."

I believe that this part of my cat's life and history accurately depicts how much hair she has. Her claws aren't that long: I trim them.

Bringing it more modern... my cat's a mascot!

This is a good place to end because at the end of the day, my cat is still friendly and a sweetheart. Sure, she bites a lot, but I deal with it.

My sweetheart! A little vicious, a little fish(es), but all around cute.


One Response to “An Evolution of the Sabretooths”

  1. theothergardener January 17, 2010 at 8:09 PM #

    Cats know all the coordinates we don’t see, trace all the outlines we have forgotten. They’re perfidious, and fiercely loyal, at the same time.

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