New Musak!

15 Jan

Alright, I haven’t really posted on this blog too much about the new music I’ve been recording.  So, I suppose I shall.

I keep on trying to figure out how to upload audio files… but, I haven’t yet.  Which is poopy.

Oh well, I’ll just direct you to my music website:

The new songs are:

Your Breath Was Terrible –
–This song is about a very “egh” experience about three years ago that I had with a girl.  Judging from the title, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  I like how it seems kinda serious listening to it until you hear the lyrics.  I went with a pretty nonchalant singing style on this one.  It has one killer “poppy” type of synth in it that I’m in love with what I did with it.  There’s also a pretty sweet drum rolling build in it.

Never Ending Math Equation –
–A cover of the Modest Mouse song.  I’m still not very pleased with the first verse.  It’s actually pretty stupid, but I spent about a whole hour devoted to just recording it to no avail.  The rest of the singing on the song I’m pretty happy with.  Unfortunately, right before recording this I ran my good ($2) computer mic with a vacuum shredding it.  So, I had to deal with my poopy $10 mic.  This left me when the problem of me yelling for some of the lyrics not really coming through making my voice get hoarse pretty damn quickly.  I think this song gets better towards the end.  So, stick with it.

Sour Pepper Agency –
–This is an instrumental song that went through a hell of a lot of changes: all of which for the best.  It started out as music I could dance to inspired by some Ghostland Observatory song.  Then, I made a really (neat) weird piano line which utilized three octaves at the same time making it pretty complex but off, and I really loved it.  So, from there, the point was to emphasize the piano’s interplay with itself and the synth.  However, I did decide to include numerous random percussion noises that build towards the climax of the song.  The name of the song comes from the night before when I was cooking and found a mini bell pepper inside my bell pepper and it tasted a little sour… the agency comes from my recent string of obsession over Mad Men.

List of Demands (Reparations) –
–This is a Saul Williams cover.  I was actually pondering various songs to cover today (including a different Saul Williams one that I just couldn’t figure out how to play).  I did some interesting things in comparison with the original, such as: taking the drumbeat from the chorus and applying it to the verse, switching whether the chorus or verse was the faster one, and a show-tune-y type singing breakdown.  I still have my dark synths (which I can somehow never get away from), but I believe my singing breakdown counters this.  I had a lot of trouble keeping my singing in beat with the chorus which made me pretty tired of it (you can notice when I do the final chorus).  I can make some pretty damn creepy baby noises, though.

So, I hope this can interest you in checking out the website/my music.  Oh, and if you like my music enough, I make sure that all of it’s downloadable free of charge.

Once again, it’s:


One Response to “New Musak!”

  1. theothergardener January 15, 2010 at 11:52 PM #

    I like your music very much, but I was contrarian as usual and listened to “You’re My Friend and I Created You” and the track after it. “You’re My Friend…” reminded me of FUCK BUTTONS, only without their ‘long sustains’ and orchestral references. You also remind me a little bit of Benji Boko, on Myspace at his nom de guerre, although he cuts in a lot of old TV and radio bits and goes for comedy (I think). I used to be a high purist with electronica and only listened to noise and glitch, by folks like Andreas Tilliander and a handful of others. But I enjoy what has been brought back into it through more ‘figural’ and immediate references lately. Even Andreas, whom I’ve met, got tired of the abstract heights and came down to experiment with strange leftover things like disco. Lately I’ve fallen in love with joujouka–a type of Sufi music named for a village in Morocco–Brian Jones went there years ago and connected with the local musicians. It is numinous. I’m thinking of going to their annual festival (

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