Super HeroiHOT #13: Michonne

7 Jan

Ready, Suckah?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Super HeroiHOT and I blame some personal matters.  Plus, I’ve been trying to keep up and read a bunch of new and old series with female characters.  In that time I’ve been building a collection of photos to use later down the road.

Nevertheless, it’s about goddamn time I did a post on Michonne.  She’s the strong, mostly silent character from Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead which is one of the best ongoings out there.  Sure, her appearances have been a little numbered lately, but I really think that Kirkman’s going to keep her around for awhile (you never know with him, he basically just draws a name out of a hat for who he’s going to kill next).

Plus, I’m proud to present some more black-and-white comic goodness!


I’m going to give you a little bit of a hypothetical situation here…

You’re living in a prison which is the nicest home you’ve had since the zombie apocalypse, then, along the gate, you spot some movement that doesn’t necessarily look like the typical stutter of the undead.  Turns out, it’s a woman carrying a katana and the chains connected to two of the zombies.  She’s walked here all by herself living in a world where you’ve only scratched out a survival in a group.

That’s badass.

Now, the cover above is a little misleading.  I’m pretty sure that Michonne is only in the short skirt and leggings for the first couple of issues she makes an appearance.  She has actually changed outfits quite a lot.  From the prison garb, to her raincoat.

Perhaps, though, the raincoat is the best look.

It's raining blood.

I love how the hood works both in a practical way of covering herself up from the slaughter and how it makes her so gosh darn mysterious.

Another typical feature is her headband.  Really, headbands usually don’t work for me because it reminds me of when I was 10 and had a basketball obsession.  I ran around the house in my Portland Trailblazers headband getting all sweaty and such.  Somehow, though, Michonne makes it look natural and completely awesome.

On top of all of this, Michonne is fit.  I mean, you sort of have to be when any day could really be your last.  You have to get to your peak physical condition just to survive.

There’s just something very sexy about how Michonne stays in shape, and still remains undoubtedly a woman.  She’s not the slim twig that modern culture expects women to be, and I like how she challenges that gendering.



In the Background

Michonne seems to always be in the background of the comics, but that’s just not the case.  She’s strong and silent.  Yet, there’s something that you just love about her.  Plus, I’m pretty sure that she’s the only person out of the entire group that Rick Grimes (the main character) completely trusts.  She does what’s necessary in order to survive and yet she firmly grasps onto her humanity.

She’s still sexual and expresses it.  She cares about the group.  She is the right-hand woman for basically everything.  All of this you can tell in her actions.  It’s rare for her to have a heart-to-heart, but it’s happened and it’s not surprising.

Michonne is a completely practical character and believes in the eye-for-an-eye way of life since the zombies came about.

Really, it’s kind of hard to explain why her personality is so goddamn attractive, but it is.

Sure, she could talk a bit more, but there’s something sooo human about the character that she’s probably the most believable one in the entire roster.




Once again, we’re treated to another character that technically doesn’t have superpowers… I love these characters.

There are two characters in the entire series that do not use guns as their main weapons: Tyrese and Michonne.  Tyrese is dead.

Sure, it seems like Kirkman just came up with Michonne using a katana as a gimmick, but it really works for her and the story as a whole.  She’s silent and the weapon embodies the silent lifestyle of a real ninja.

However, the ability to wield a sword doesn’t even seem to me Michonne’s greatest power.  I believe that her ability to detach from the killings and keep it from becoming a personal affair raise her far and above many of the other characters.  Sure, it’s something that may come back and haunt her, but the detachment in her eyes in the above image shows that, for right now, it’s helping.

Keep in mind that those two zombies she has on chains shown earlier are her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s best friend.  She was using them to mask her scent amongst the other undead and destroys them once they’ve served their purpose.

Quite often, it also seems that Michonne has heightened senses.  It’s pretty impressive what she manages to accomplish and how just by listening she can tell that there is a group of 8 zombies to the south and 3 live people to the northwest.

Yes, that's an eyeball.

Michonne’s abilities equal and compliment both her appearance and personality making her incredibly well-rounded.


Secret Identity:

Eyes that could kill.

We run into the dilemma once again that this is the type of comic that doesn’t really have secret identities.  One may argue that there’s definitely something Michonne is keeping secret about her identity in the series that she only allows Rick to discover.  Nevertheless, this category seems sort of irrelevant in this instance.

In times of irrelevancy (see Karai), I’ve made the ruling to give full points.



She is raped, tortured, beaten, forced to fight against her will, and a whole slew of other things by The Governor (possibly the most evil villain I have ever seen in comics).

She gets revenge.

Dick nailed to board, Eye taken out with spoon, Arm chopped off = A good night's work.

Not just once… Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!  But, twice.



I knew it would happen at some point, and frankly, I’m not surprised it was with Michonne, we have surpassed the possible 40 points with a score of:


which makes Michonne our brand new leader!  That’s a pretty damn good way to start out 2010, huh?

Just wait, she dies next issue, courtesy of Kirkman Killer Industries.

In case you were wondering, they did hypothesize what the characters would look like as superheroes for the variant cover of issue #50:

Still (beam)sword killin' and kickin' ass

Also, Kelly Thompson included Michonne as the #2 best female comic book character from the last decade.  You can check out that write-up along with the other nine at:


4 Responses to “Super HeroiHOT #13: Michonne”

  1. Illyana October 14, 2010 at 9:29 AM #

    That is an awesome write-up! Great work!

  2. Donella July 9, 2012 at 4:15 PM #

    I’m hopeful that in the television series, the writers flip the script and designate one of the adventurous men for rape. Something akin to Deliverance.


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