Our New Year’s

5 Jan

You know… there really is not a picture of Monique and I together.  I mean, I have one on my phone that I sent to little Aaron one time to tell him we missed him, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only photograph that exists of the two of us together.

It’s a pretty impressive feat.

Anyway, we went up to Bellingham to visit the friends we have up there and to celebrate the new year.  So, I’ll do a nice little photo walk through of the night.

This is at about 9 at night… some people couldn’t wait on getting the party started.  Mostly Casey.  There really is not any word or combination of words that exist to accurately describe Casey.


Damaris (who’s holding her hand over her face) spent the whole day baking treats for everyone.  Luckily, after a couple drinks were in most people, they were forgotten and I was still able to eat some the next day.  I like how Sophie is staring directly past the treat while Samantha has a photogenic smile straight into the camera.

I was going to caption this one “The Sweethearts,” but then I realized that Monique is actually really mean… Then I was going to caption it “The Sweetheart and the Sweet Tart,” but that’s pretty pun-y.

I apparently had enough in me to begin doing Cat’s Cradle with tinsel because I’m just that cool… Looking back at the photos, the cat’s cradle I was doing (this being Witch’s Broom others being: cup and saucer and Eiffel tower) does not look as good as I remember it at the time.

I love Casey’s look in this.  It’s also cute how couple-y Samantha and Dylan are being.  Frankly, I really think they were out in the open together for a combined total of an hour because most of Dylan’s time was spent caring for Erick.  Many people have commented on how large Samantha’s boobs are in this photograph… I mostly just typed that as a shameless plug to tag this post with “boobs.”  Sorry Samantha, so sorry.

Ohhh Yeah!

Mind you, this is the day after Tristan and I had met.  Nevertheless, him and I hit it off really well and talked movies and such.  Constantly, during the party, we would search for each other knowing that the other person was completely lost in the dark with who the fuck the majority of the people there were.  Also, I searched him out so I could shed all of my cynical light on all of the people I was hating there at that moment… which was quite a few… and it lasted for longer than a moment.

Jason Todd, what a Dick (ha, pun)

I overhead some comic book talk and went straight for the kill.  I met Cedar shown in this picture and we talked DC for a long time on mostly Batman.  I also talked to Benn who kept believing another guy at the party to look like Barry Allen (he did have some wild, scientist hair and a bowtie).  I’m pretty sure that I was the only foreigner that Cedar talked to for a long time at the party the whole night.  He was definitely one of mine.

Oh, and that’s a Bingo sweater I got when Monique and I went to the Goodwill Bins in Tacoma.  It’s an old grandma sweater with all of the different ways to win in Bingo on it, and that second collar in white is just sewn on.  Truly, it was a hit at the party: many people stroked my chest.

It was also apparently Benn’s first time being really drunk.  Often I found that he’d be dancing while I was out at the dance floor and he was mostly just stomping in beat while looking down with his eyes closed.  I’d usually push him back up when he’d begin falling which was an impressive feat because he’s a big guy.  He also kept on showing people his magic card trick.  One of the main characters (who wasn’t a perv and actually cool and nice) at the party, no doubt.

He was Prom Queen, no doubt

It goes without saying after viewing this photo that Erick got really drunk.  Pretty vomit-y all over the place.  Dylan and I were sort of the self-appointed Erick watchers.  Dylan definitely put in more time than me, though.  Erick was probably out by 10:30, but he made a couple comebacks.  He was paraded around at midnight for about 5 minutes, and then he made another miraculous 10 minute return about an hour later and danced for a bit.  He often called out for Dylan to help him because they are desperately in love.

I fed him some sardines and gave him water… all of which he threw up, but I figured I did a good job.

It was pretty funny when Casey would walk into the room because Erick would yell at him to get the fuck out but then promptly tell him how much he loved him.  It was classic.

A large group

Alright, that’s probably more people than you care to see, and frankly, I don’t know most of them and not everyone is there.  Benn is the guy making the sexy mildly Elvis face in the right bottom corner, Barry Allen is beneath Samantha.

I hung all of that tinsel, and I had to keep on fixing it all night, too.  Bastards.

The girl in the bottom left hand corner with two fingers covering her up is Ashton… and she earned a lot of hate from me towards her in the evening.

It is her fault that we kicked in the new decade with shitty songs from bands like Weezer, Blink 182, TLC, Creed, Puddle of Mud, etc.  She just had an air of bitch around her.  It pissed me off.  Tristan and I complained about it on the patio while he smoked, then she opened the door and came out with us and ruined the conversation.

Anyway, after the party was getting kind of stupid due to some person’s efforts (if Erick hadn’t gotten so drunk we would still have been listening to some kickass music… oh well), we went over to Samantha’s house to stay the night.  The “we” in this instance was: Tristan, Samantha, me, and this girl named Chastity.

Apparently, Chastity had been crying in the bathroom and not that many people at the party knew her.  Well, troublemaker Monique had passed out next to the guy Chastity was courting and he had also been hitting on girls all night.  She was going to drive the couple of hours home that night on New Year’s, but we were not going to let that happen.  Due to the bed shortage at Samantha’s house, Chastity and I ended up sleeping together in Samantha’s bed.

I made some jokes about us being a married couple and then proceeded to swap stories with her for three hours… Well, it was more like I just let her tell me all what was wrong with her life and I’d console her by making light of it.  We eventually got to the point that I could joke about her favorite activities being: listening to Justin Timberlake, working at JC Penny, and going to parties just to cry.  She was a very sweet and nice girl… even if she wasn’t necessarily as intelligent as I would have liked (I at first thought she was drunk… I was wrong).

I would like to think that I made her feel better.  So, I’m running with that.

Well, that was my night.  Monique could probably give an interesting side account, as well.  Damn me not catching up to her by one, but I’m okay with that.

Hope your New Year’s was just as exciting and/or fun.


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