Welcome Monique… and Killing People with Swords

17 Dec

Well, it’s time to recognize what I’ve been secretly been doing behind your readers’ backs.  I’ve added Monique as an additional contributor to the Mechanistic Moth blog!

Monique have been friends for years, and I figured that it would be great to have an alternative voice to this blog so you guys’ don’t just get tired of all the (comic book) shit I post.

Monique and I are basically twins.  Difference is, she has a vagina (and a maid in the hotel room, but you can ask her about that), and I don’t.  Nevertheless, we’re both very passionate towards the arts and hating things.  Sure, Monique doesn’t play video games (except Spyro, she always chimes), but we can forgive her for that.

I also offered Monique this lustrous position because I figured it could be another vehicle for her to publish some of her writing and possibly get feedback.  So, I hope you guys will enjoy that when it comes out.

Now, time to talk about one of the moments in our long friendship that has made us most proud…

Yes, friends who know us real well, it’s that topic that always makes you cringe when we excitedly bring it up:

Monique and I trained someone to kill.

Sure, sure, you don’t believe us, huh!?  Well, why don’t you read this before going any further in this post and come back afterward:  http://www.ktvz.com/Global/story.asp?s=9162390


Viewpoints changed, yet?

That Caleb Brown just happens to be someone we recruited to act in our One Act the second year (Monique and I co-directed two years in a row putting on the best shows each year and wearing red hats the entire time like faithful little commies) to play a part that required… what’s that… dance sword fighting.

Still don’t believe me… well, I gots some (blurry) proof!

If you want a better visual to imagine it, then here you go:

Sure, it’s a sensitive topic to a lot of people, and we understand that… but you’re just missing part of the point…


That guy, right there, wearing the sweater vest and tie!  We corrupted the guy!

Don’t worry Monique and I will absolve (y)our guilt by throwing a cast reunion party in the jail cell with him.  We’ll bake a cake and include a shiv carved out of a toothbrush inside of it.  It may be a little small for him, but I think he can make do.
Hope you enjoy Monique as our new contributor, bringing out the worst in us!  (Thank God someone did).


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