Tristan Jones is so Goofy

17 Dec

Well, I’m friends with Tristan Jones on Facebook, and he’s a pretty neat (Australian) guy.  For a reminder, he has written for Tales of the TMNT (although, issue #64 was his last), and is lining up some new projects.

Well, last week I posted a status update about Sabretooth (my cat) sitting in my lap or something.  5 minutes later, Tristan posted this as his status:

Tristan Jones HAHA! I want a sabretooth tiger. And a rock garden.

Check out the ensuing conversation:

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Elliott Sawyer

Elliott Sawyer

There’s a giant rock garden in Bend Oregon in the states. Some guy named Peterson spent 50 years collecting rocks and building it.
December 13 at 1:35am · Delete
Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

It’s mine now!
December 13 at 1:38am
Amanda Ray

Amanda Ray

Take an Aussie flag with ya too Tristan 😉
December 13 at 1:39am
Elliott Sawyer

Elliott Sawyer

Give me a heads up, though. I live right by it, and it would be nice to at least watch you conquer it with no resistance.
December 13 at 1:41am · Delete
Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones

It’s fuckin’ ON! I’ma go get Battlecat and dominate Oregon’s Bend!
Oh, he’s so goofy and Australian.

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