My New Room

9 Dec

As promised yesterday, here’s a look at the new setup to my room.

This is the main wall which overhangs my couch.  The left is my Lawson commission of Leonardo, Middle is a Dan McCarthy Serigraph (screenprint), and the far right is my Michael Dooney Leonardo Commission.

Here’s a close up on the Dooney Commission.  This sucker is so neat!  Although, I did notice, and commented about it on Dooney’s blog, that Leo’s missing his across-the-shoulder strap.  So, his sheaths (sheaves?) are being held up by magic… possibly because Splinter taught him more mystical arts stuff than we ever could have known!

Sure, this picture’s kinda bare, but I wanted the little picture painting by Turddemon to accentuate some color on the side while not taking away from the three art pieces on the main wall.

I put this near my closet doors so that when I set at my desk it’s like the eyes of the heart are looking into the back of my head.  When I first got this off of eBay, I wasn’t much of a fan of his work, and just was happy that it only cost me a little less than $10 including shipping.  Now, after seeing this in person, it’s artistry is top notch and I would really like another one at some point.

Here’s a look at my desk.  I have my screen at an angle because it’s big and I really need a flat screen monitor, but working at an angle actually is a lot nicer than I expected it to be.  I keep all of my movies in easy reach.

Sabretooth’s been having a field day with my desk because it’s not completely organized so she likes to bat stuff off of it while I’m trying to sleep.

I had to have my “Your Ship Sank” Serigraph above my desk because it brings me such great, unexpected joy whenever I look at it.

Here’s another look at the main three.

For updates, I’m hoping to come up with a Christmas shopping recomendations list this week.

I would also like to update “1000 Things We Hate” as well as the other tabs, but that may come during winter break.

I’m staying in Tacoma for all of break, and will probably be bored out of my mind.  But, at the moment, I have to focus on finals.


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