Green Lantern #48: Review

28 Nov

Warning: Read this comic before Blackest Night #5… not #6 like it warns.

Neverthless, with the overall success so far of Geoff Johns Blackest Night event, I’m really starting to wonder why more people don’t read comics (despite needing a decent understanding of comic lore to understand a bit of the event).


 I’m going to warn you, I’ve culminatively read over 700 pages in three different books today.  So, my eyes are a bit hazy and I may not seem as coherent.  Plus, Sabretooth’s on my lap purring for attention.

So, this issue covers the rainbow of lanterns getting together for a delicate truce to battle threat that is Nekron and his Black Lanterns. 

One thing that is incredibly difficult in any writing format is having a multitude of characters of equal weight and power and somehow making sure they all get the same amount of screen time.  Johns somehow pulls it off incredibly well in this comic with the 7 lantern figureheads plus the Hope Guardians of Ganthet and Sayd.  They all have their distinct voice while each one (most specifically in this issue being Atrocitus and Larfleeze) becomes more deeply characterized.  One misleading thing, however, is that the cover displays all of the Blue Lanterns (3-4) and Ganthet facing off against Larfleeze and his corps… this would have been more appropriate as a cover earlier, but doesn’t really work now since most of those characters don’t appear in the book.

Also, there’s so much shoved into this comic that not even a page is devoted to what John Stewart’s up to.  Overall, it works for the time given.  Sure, it seems a bit rushed, but there’s a lot of juiciness in character development and dazzling visuals in this comic to make it well worth your time and money.  Plus, it’s interweaving itself back into Blackest Night making it essential.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

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