Blackest Night #5: Review

28 Nov

Once you read this issue, it makes a bit more sense as to why those heroes are on the cover.  Sure, this comic basically confirms the rumors of a White Lantern, but it makes sure that you’ll have fun getting to there.

This is the issue right after mid way through the crossover event which typically eases everything into the climax and then resolution nice and softly.  Well, this issue is anything but soft… and that’s a good thing (for once).

All of the heralds of the different lanterns have finally joined forces to fight Nekron which would seemingly destroy him like assumed last issue… well, it really only gives him more power.

Nekron explains that he’s the one that controls who lives, dies, and who gets to come back and when.  He then threatens to expose the Guardian’s lie (assumingly that they’re not the ones that hold balance over the universe) and within the space of a few pages, Nekron proves that he’s one badass mothafucka by re-killing all of the heroes who have ever died (Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, etc.) and turning them into Black Lanterns.  The last page ends with Nekron about to kill off Hal Jordan and Barry Allen since they’ve died before, too.

Now, that may sound surprising enough with the giant power shift… but it’s the way Nekron does it: through Bruce Wayne.  Now, the first couple issues we all thought that Bruce was going to get resurrected right away or by not getting resurrected it proves he’s not dead.  Well, Nekron pulls him over as a Black Lantern for just long enough to create emotional tethers between him and all of the heroes so he can spew Black Lantern rings at him.  The Batman reveal is completely surprising partly because of how shortly he’s used, and also because he looks completely badass in a sort of Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns posing way.

One question, how did Bruce get so many emotional tethers when he was such a hardass in life?

Now here’s some time for speculation: Bruce is technically dead in the present but lives in the past so that’s how Nekron can resurrect him… or… Nekron also controls death through time.

Also, with all of the heroes turning into Black Lanterns, it shows that being a Black Lantern can be reversible.  So, my guess is that all of the heroes/people who had their hearts ripped out and turned into Black Lanterns will probably remain dead, but all of the ones who were just resurrected may come back to life and have to deal with what their bodies and memories did while they were dead… possibly… I’m not sure.  Just speculation.

Anyway, the writing’s tight on this issue, and the artwork’s fantastic even if I’m pretty sure Ganthet and Sayd’s robes were colored differently in Green Lantern than in Blackest Night.

It’s a great comic that’s keeping up a fast pace with wonderful artwork and well worth all of your dollar.

I do wish that The Atom and Mera’s appearances weren’t so brief in this issue, though.  My guess is that they’ll play a very large roll next one, though.

45StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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