Tales of the TMNT #64: Review

24 Nov

We’re drawing nearer and nearer towards the end of the Tales series as issue 70 quickly comes up.  Nevertheless, Jim Lawson and Tristan Jones deliver a good comic involving Chinese mysticism and a round about of villains.

This issue represents the first and last comic Tristan Jones and Jim Lawson have done and will do together.  Unfortunately, it’s also the last Turtles comic Tristan Jones will do.  It’s a shame because Tristan has become a relatively new writer at Mirage with about 5 (I believe) turtles comics under his belt.  All of them have rejuvinated new life into the comics and brought them back to their grimmer, darker days.

However, this comic takes a different approach by being narrated by Mikey in events of circumstance.

I enjoyed the story, but I didn’t necessarily find it as one of Tristan’s best Turtles stories.  It may just be that it’s strange for me to have the mix between Lawson and Jones because their two styles don’t completely mesh.  On top of that, I really did not like the inks by Steve Lavigne in this issue.  They appeared to be some type of water-like brush that caused the lines to be undefined and a little unclear.  I believe that the inks could also have used a lot more black – negative space – to get Lawson’s artwork to match Tristan’s writing a bit more.

The tale was rather humorous and it was nice to see some of the characters tie back into the new-ish villains Jones begun sculpting for the TMNT universe.

No doubt, the best part of this issue was Mikey’s drawings/interpretations of events.  I felt that Jones definitely pushed Lawson to try some new things and it came out with some stellar results.

Overall, this Tale was bittersweet.  Good compared to most comics, but only decent for the standard that TMNT comics set.

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

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