My Jim Lawson Commission

24 Nov

I got in the mail yesterday my commission from Jim Lawson.  I asked him after the interview for this stellar drawing.  It only cost $60, and the money was more than worth it for this beautiful piece that is now my favorite in my collection.  To be just a super creep, I attached the stickers that Lawson wrote my address and his address on to the print on the back for when it’s framed.

I forgot to turn my camera’s resolution up, so some of these pictures are (crisply) blurry.

Some Show and Tell!

Doesn’t that look fantastic!  I was so happy when I took this out of the cardboard that I just stared at it for a good ten minutes despite having guests over that I hadn’t seen for a year!

Close up on Leo.


Lawson did such a kickass job on this commission that I’m really considering another one.  Maybe I’ll convince my sister to buy me one since she owes me a couple presents for various things.

Oh, I also got a print by Albert Rothstein off of eBay in the mail yesterday.  I ordered a bunch of artwork off of eBay in addition to this that I’ll soon be getting in the mail, and I ordered a Michael Dooney Leonardo Sketch!


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