Batman and Robin #6

14 Nov

To tell you the truth, I really didn’t want to buy this… but, it was the end of an arc and I just had to finish it… will I be buying the next couple issues even with a new artist…?  Probably not.

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Here’s the problem:
  We’re given a villain with almost no background and almost no build-up to basically just watch him kick the ass out of Dick Grayson trained by Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd trained by Bruce Wayne and super crazy, Damien Wayne trained by Bruce Wayne and the League of Assasins, and Scarlet trained by Jason Todd… Plus, he does it in about a page.  Then, the classic ol’ “Where’s the industrial equipment because we’re in the city” stunt happens and Jason Todd uses a crane to drop shit on this Pink Flamingo guy.  Plus, I’m tired of villains with motorcycles.

Then, it was only a matter of time before Grant Morrison mixes in his Batman R.I.P. craziness (which is partially okay with me because I actually sort of liked it) in this comic which occurs at the very end… except we’re given a Batman walking down a hallway who then whispers “Zur En Arrh” to get into a secret room.  Because of Philip Tans’ off again on again but mostly off again pencils and the works of the inker (way too heavy), I can’t tell if this is a goddamn flashback with Bruce Wayne or Dick has actually figured out some of Bruce’s secrets.

Okay, so, we’ve got a new artist next month, and promises of Squire and Batwoman down the road… Plus, Dick may actually start believing Tim Drake… Nevertheless, the bad outweighs the good… I can’t really forsee myself getting the next ish unless there’s a handful of killer reviews on it.

15StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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