Exciting News

13 Nov

Well, I just sent some e-mails out to a Mr. Dan Berger and a Mr. Jim Lawson.  As some (hopefully most) of you may know, those two guys are some of the driving forces between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.  The interview focuses on the recent purchase of the TMNT property by Nickelodeon, and their future plans since TMNT comics may tentatively be ending in May of 2010.

So, be on the lookout for those interviews in the next couple of weeks, and I can’t fully render to you readers how truly excited I am with this opportunity.

In addition, I got a giant stack of reviews of comics to do, and they’re sitting out by me right now.  I’m probably going to do a Blackest Night grouping of some of the titles that have come out that I haven’t reviewed the last couple weeks, and I will also do some individual posts on some of the great comics that came out this week.

Next on the agenda for the blog are a couple more Super HeroiHOTs.  I’m thinking of doing a dual Super HeroiHOT or just doing two individual ones with two of the lead (alive) female characters in The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.   I may just narrow it down to one and save the other for the future.  They will be Andrea and Michonne.  Buddy Baker’s Wife is up for grabs, April O’Neil, Princess Leia, an X-(wo)men or two, and a few others I’ve been thinking about.  So, I hope that may excite you about the column.

Stay tuned.


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