7 Nov

For those of you who think that I sit around and only wish about doing some comic book reviews but never do anything… well, I updated a shitload of Super HeroiHOT stuff.  So, check the Super HeroiHOT page to see the two new additions (Renee Montoya and Vampirella).  Also, I went in and added/updated a bunch of Stephanie Brown’s stuff for her Super HeroiHOT…

I decided that I can go back and include “UPDATES,” but that I’m not going to go back and change scores.  The scores stand as is and a reflection of the time that I did them.  I basically made that decision because I could probably give Stephanie Brown another point for becoming Batgirl, but that would just not seem too fair.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the updates…

I was talking to some friends involved in VAVA today, and they might have me present on how women are portrayed in comic books.  So, I’m excited… it’s probably the first time I’ve ever been excited to make a power point; I vehemently dislike power points…


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