A-Team movie: First Look… how does it compare visually?

25 Oct

My sister and I have always been big fans of the A-Team… so, they’ve now released a promo photograph for the upcoming (remake) movie that updates the film to modern day.

The A-Team

Flash forward from Vietnam to Iraq, subtract a couple years from Hannibal, add a beard to Templeton, modern wardrobe to Baracus, and make Murdock a little less crazy looking… Oh, and what’s that…?  Mr.T’s van looks like it’s some sort of Hummer like machine.

Visually, I think that the updated Baracus looks the best.  Which is pretty strange because you’d think that he would be the hardest one to pull off what with the gold and hair-mohawk-beard-thing.

I’m definitely not feeling Murdock the most of all.  He looks like he’s trying to be super cool and not a little wacked in the brain.  Murdock was always the wild card character because, let’s face it from a modern perspective, he had some sort of PTSD.

Liam Neeson’s allegedly supposed to be in the film as well… So, I guess I just need more to come out through the woodwork (and I suppose the film itself) for me to pass final judgement on one of my beloved television series.

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