The Titilating Frustrations of Antivirus Pro 2009

20 Oct

So, part of the reason I haven’t been posting lately is: 1.) I’ve been pretty busy and 2.) I got a mega stupid malware problem on my main computer.

Now, here’s the fun of it all.  I go to all of these websites and teach myself how to remove things manually… I learn it, but then I can’t find any of the specified files that I need to remove.  Then, I discover that the damn thing is blocking my antimalware programs from working (malwarebyte’s antimalware).  So, I try renaming them and their file extensions to trick the rogue program from recognizing and blocking them.

Command Prompt, Safe Mode, Secret Passageway secrets into the labyrinth of my computer, I’ve tried them all.

I’m in a conundrum.  I spent well over 3 hours last night trying to fix this.  I’m obsessed with buying Nintendo DS games on Ebay… I can’t limit my comic book intake, and now I probably have to dish out over 100 dollars to fix this stupid malware problem.

I had a similar problem with malware in the same family as this one, but this one’s updated and recognizes all of the previous tricks I learned… Plus, it got in through the vundo trojan.

Anyway, it’s been frustrating, and has sort of discouraged me and put me in a bad mood from rating things (despite having a gigantic stack of things to rate).

So, I’ll get back to rating things, and if anyone has any last ditch efforts or new ideas to get rid of Antivirus Pro and it’s dozens of popups (including fake ones to porn sites I’d rather not experience), please contact me.

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