Red Robin #5

15 Oct

The covers for this series have been incredibly great so far, but does the content inside continue the tradition?

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It’s a little strange that Ra’s Al Ghul is on the front cover but doesn’t show up within the comic (presumably), but I’m willing to forgive that because the metaphor’s the same.

This comic picks up from last issue where good ol’ Tim Drake was slashed by a sword during an attack by another ninja clan called the Council of Spiders.  It also cuts to an incredibly creepy story about a girl who was bit over 300 times by a type of deadly spider and now her touch can kill obviously foreshadowing what’s to come with the Council.

The issue’s mostly filled with talking and not much fighting, but it was pretty sweet when Tim thought he had been resurrected in a Lazarus Pit and freaked out.

I feel like Tam Fox will end up playing a huge role in keeping Tim’s morals grounded.

I still have a problem with the interior art by Ramon Bachs, and I’m welcoming the change to Marcus To next month.  Ramon just pencils Tim as looking way younger and immature than he is which really doesn’t flow well with the sophisticated inner thought that Yost is giving him.

The art holds the issue back, but I’m still interested in what’s to come.

35StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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