Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Film Review

8 Oct

So, the other night I was thinking, “hmm, I don’t have any school tomorrow so why don’t I watch that new DC film that I just got and just came out…”  And, I did.  It was awful.  Click for the reasons why.

I have to start with the plot of the film… It’s a decent idea executed incredibly poorly.  So, Lex Luthor becomes President and frames Superman for being responsible for a giant Kryptonite meteor ready to hit Earth.  A bunch of heroes side with Lex Luthor (for really unknown reasons) and try to capture Superman and Batman… as well as a bunch of Villains.

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I just couldn’t really understand the motives behind why Powergirl or Starfire or Black Lightning would fight against Superman and Batman.  Sure, Power Girl changes sides, but it’s kinda dumb.  Plus, she’s relegated to this sexist role of not being as powerful as Superman with much less experience and basically not his equal.  Then, she’s left to do all of the bitch work… I mean, really.  That’s pretty dumb.  Starfire and Black Lightning have about 3 lines combined in the whole movie.

This film is basically just about writing every single hero and villain’s name on a piece of paper, putting it all in a hat, and pulling out names to figure out who Superman and Batman are going to fight for no real reason.  Not only that, they seriously fight off 30 heroes and villains in the timespan of 15 min. of film.  A 15 min. fight scene is super boring, and I found myself starting to read a book while the film was on because it just could not hold my attention.  Why would all of Flash, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman’s rogues come out of nowhere at once just to fight.  It’s beyond me.

Another big beef I had with the film was that it truly did not capture the essence of Batman… at all.  Which is a huge shame since they got the original voice actor from the Batman Animated Series back to do his legendary voice.  Batman’s basically in the sunlight/open for 90% of this film.  In all of the Batman comics I’ve read (well over 200), I’ve never seen Batman out in the open and daylight for more than a couple scenes.  Batman’s supposed to be a mystery, an enigma, not just some other crime fighter out there.

When the film’s fight scenes (which consisted of about 55 min. of the 66 min. of the film) were just one on one or two on one like in the case of the fight scene with Metallo.  There was a sparkle of hope.  You can tell the real struggle and promise of these scenes.

All in all, I have to admit that the voice acting was the only saving grace of this film, and I think I enjoyed the opening credits more than I did this.

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