Book Review: Captain Freedom: A Superhero’s Quest for Truth, Justice, and the Celebrity He so Richly Deserves

8 Oct

A funny, Superhero related book that’s open to any reader superhero fan or not.  I found it funny at times and, at the least, entertaining.

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The first thing that hits me on the cover is that the guy goes by “G. Xavier Robillard.”  What a badass name.  Anyway, I picked this book up in the school bookstore and was instantly drawn by the Christopher Moore quote on the front of the book.  I figured, “if Christopher Moore approved, then it must be fairly funny.”  Plus, I had 800 extra dollars from the school that I could spend…

Anyway, it’s been my in-between, pleasure reading book.  I’ve been opening its pages while also reading The Iliad, Frankenstein, Dred, A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, and His Illegal Self.  So, it was a nice break from some heavier reading.

The story follows Captain Freedom recounting and then telling of his exploits as a superhero, from his beginnings in a school promoting future heroes, to being a sidekick, to adopting a child/sidekick to being in love with a killer assasin to saving the world to being fired to retirement to being Governor to being a highly ranked American official.  Frankly, a lot happens as milestones for Tzad’s life, and all of it is fairly amusing.

I found the best parts of the story were Captain Freedom’s moral ambiguity.  He’s a superhero but he mostly just believes that superheroes are meant to stop bank robberies and save the world and that the occasional prostitution ring, dictator, drug using, and killing can be excusable. 

Overall, this book isn’t anything new but it does offer some relaxing entertainment and occasional laughs.  If you want light reading, then this would be recommended.

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