Super HeroiHOT #10: Renee Montoya

6 Oct

My first class got cancelled today, and I’ve been kicking myself over posting a new Super HeroiHOT because it’s been a good couple months since the last one.  I’m working on two right now, but it’s been sort of hard to get it all together.  So, I figured I’d knock this one out of the park.  Former GCPD and current Question: Renee Montoya.


Currently, Renee’s rocking the fedora hat with a jacket, tank top, and cargo pants.  I like it, but I totally enjoyed her via 52 get-up.

That’s pretty badass.  But, I guess the new look is more for Miami, and the other look works better in Gotham.  The costume’s practical, and it serves absolutely no T&A purposes.

The Final Crisis look was pretty neat too.  It had her wearing a long trenchcoat, pants, and a tie.  She made the look feminine, useful, and pretty cool looking.

Plus, the Pseudoderm face mask that makes all of her facial features nil plus the hat makes her just a complete badass.

Renee Montoya

I love how her costume’s just completely practical, doesn’t exploit, but it shows off how toned her body is.

Appearance: 9/10



Renee can be a bit of a smart ass sometimes, but she ultimately strives for truth and justice.  She’s had problems with alcohol and relationships.

Typically, she’s just angered the other person in the relationship so they won’t come back.

So, she has some problems maintaining relationships… and a little bit of a drinking habit.  Overall, she’s a loyal comrade and has finally found her purpose.

Plus, who wouldn’t take a chip on the shoulder when you befriend Two-Face who falls in love with you but you can’t reciprocate their love and then they frame you for murder and out you as a lesbian which then causes your super moral, religious parents to disown you.

Yeah, I’d be a little angry, too.

Personality: 6/10




 Is being a super badass considered a superpower?  If so, then Renee is the most powered out of any superhero character out there.

She’s a do-it-yourself type of girl.  Trained in multiple martial arts, detective work, and kicking ass.  She also uses the Pseudoderm mask to conceal her identity and sneak around a lot.

I love the type of character that just strives for justice and doesn’t have the predisposition like the ability to fly, a magic ring, or something else that sort of hints at them doing something special with their lives.  She also uses basically just smoke pellets and occasionally guns.  Overall: badass.

 Hellz yeah.

Superpowers: 10/10



Renee’s one of those characters that has somehow melded her superhero life with her regular life.  She runs a private detective business and uses her Question identity to actually do the investigating part.  Still, she manages to have a personal life (if somewhat turbulent), and still have friends.  There’s a balance, but you can tell her heart’s in the place of bringing justice.

Secret Identity: 8/10



Renee Montoya

She’s not afraid to take one for the team.


Not afraid to use guns.


She used to wear a lot of pant suits in the 90s…



What’s the final total…? I have a good feeling… but maybe I should wait, she’s somewhat mysterious and might want to hide the results…

Okay… I guess I can say, but really what’s her score?

Alright, alright… her final total is………




Woo hoo, that’s a pretty fine score Renee!

I wonder how long you’ll keep in the upper ranks of Super HeroiHOT stardom?

Wouldn’t I what?  Keep you up there for awhile?  Yeah… okay.


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