Wonder Woman: Animated Feature

5 Oct

This film actually came out back around early August or late July, but my sister and I just watched it and were really surprised with how great and fun it was.  Click for the full review.

So, my apartment’s very cold right now which makes typing a slow process because my hands get freezing quickly.

Anyway, Lillian and I watched this Saturday night, and it actually got us to laugh aloud.

The story basically follows the origin of Wonder Woman and Diana’s first adventure off the island.  The action switches off from being gigantic battles to smaller one on one or one on a couple fights.  I think the action and animation really sores when it’s just Wonder Woman fighting one or two others in some area.  During a mall fight scene halfway through the film, I felt pretty involved with the fight, and it didn’t seem like the typical trade off of the upper hand common in most fight scenes even in conventional film.

Fight scenes aside, I found the rest of the film compelling as well.  They attempt to make a sexism appeal to viewers showing how women are powerful too, and it sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails.  These are typically through the character of Steve Trevor, and his entire belief system typically changes after meeting the single female that could shift his world: Wonder Woman.

I was pretty surprised to see that they actually showed Diana killing things.  Sure, they were undead/weird creature things, but it was impressive.  This Diana is a bit different than the one in comics today.

If you have free time and want a decent animated film to watch that will mostly just entertain but not enlighten (which seems to be the only point for this film), then check it out.  It succeeds in its goals.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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