Tales of the TMNT #61

4 Oct

totmnt61cov.jpg image by mahubrahd

Return of the Mousers!!! Ahh crap.  I finally tracked this comic down, and I have to say: amazing.  Visually stunning and written with such special flair that’s unseen in most comics these days.  Click for the review!

Man, has Tristan Jones really been bringing the noir, gritty feel back to the turtles that’s been missing for awhile since their initial first run.  I’m loving that he’s bringing in new, menacing characters that aren’t just one-offs.  He’s completely creating a mythology that’s getting even deeper at the turtles.

  Not only that, but his writing’s fun and hysterical at times.  I loved the couple of references to Batman.  First, an Oracle reference and then there’s a visual reference later on with capes.  I was really just freaking out with excitement as I read this issue the whole time.  So much that I actually went and reread the issue for enjoyment.

Visually, the comic looks great.  This is what B x W comics are about: gritty, mean, and super stylized.  However, I did have a problem distinguishing one turtle from another a couple of times.  So, occasionally I was confused, but it would quickly clear up.  I was also a little confused that there was a Razorback character and a Diamondback character… who knew there could be so many people inspired by rattle snakes.  There are some great angles and wonderful pacing in this issue.  I believe that the art’s great and shows a lot of promise for perfect issues in the future.

Overall, this issue is key to why I love the ninja turtles.  For a new writer to be bringing freshness back into this title is amazing, and I’m happy to be along for the ride.  I may have to start marking my calendar for all Tristan Jones-scribed works coming down the line.

I promise that if you stalk this comic down and buy it, you’ll have one of the best reading experiences you’ve had for a long time.

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One Response to “Tales of the TMNT #61”

  1. tristanjones October 16, 2009 at 3:13 AM #

    Don’t worry dude, the Snake thing will clear up if I get to write TMNT again next year 😉

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