Invincible Iron Man #18

20 Sep
I’m really loving this series, and I have every good reason to do it.  Not only is it exciting, it creates a world of mystery, intrigue, danger, and something of, well, interest.
Tony Stark has finally made it.
He’s finally made it to his intellectual suicide.
Back to the place where it all began.  Back to the original suit.  Back to Afghanistan.
Stark has finally, for the most part, finished deleting all of the valuable information in his brain, and he comes to the one suit that he’s left capable to captain, the original… only to be shot in the neck by some Afghani kids.
Pepper Pots Dead?
The reason this comic succeeds so much is because it knows how to tell a kickass story.  It knows how to keep on throwing the shit at the lead character and to show him somehow overcome it.  Unlike the typical action movie: it’s entertaining but with motive behind the events.  Things don’t explode for nothing.  Everything has purpose and reason.  All of the characters actions and motives are well-balanced but uncertain.
The art doesn’t try anything too fancy in terms of layout, but it experiments in the actual angles of the frames.  The art doesn’t exploit.  Sure, Tony Stark looks in incredibly good shape, but all within the realm of possibility; he doesn’t have 34 abs.
There’s also a social commentary on wars and vengeance within this issue.
All of this… in one issue.
It’s definitely worth a look.
5StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

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