(Dark) Wolverine #78

20 Sep

I was beginning to become a fan of the Daken-centered storyline, but arc two’s beginning is a pretty big downer.  Click to see why.

T & A… that’s what this comics visual style is about.  Honestly, I know that a lot of artists include a pointy nipple for their female characters… but all of the women in this comic have DDs (not Daredevil, silly) with nipples that could act as knives to cut your steak with.

It truly is disgusting how the artist exploits the female body in this issue.  I’m not a fan at all.

Now, onto Daken:

A lot of people hate him.  I frankly am neutral about him.  I think he’s intresting and requires some more fleshing out, but that’s kind of hard to provide when this comic and the entire first arc of the series didn’t really give motives behind his actions.  It was cool, sly, and badass in the first arc, but fairly stupid in this comic.

The comic spends about half of the time not even with Daken… so, it wasn’t that interesting.

The best part was kind of funny, though.  Daken helping an old lady after an accident and he’s holding a porno mag.  What a sick-o.

This comic uses the same tools that the last arc did but with a different writer and awful art.  The premise is there, but no “why.”

2StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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