Red Robin #4

18 Sep

Tim Drake’s back on the search for Bruce Wayne, and this issue marks the last flashbacks of the rift between Tim and the rest of the gang (awwhhh, why can’t they get along?).

The flashback’s kind-uh “egh.”  The cover advertises this sweet ass fight between Tim and Dick, and it just sort of ends in “oh well.”  Plus, the goofiness of Batman, the man of shadows, shining his headlights on the whole battle seemed to be too much.

Overall, the whole series thus far has had a great plot.  I enjoy Chris Yost’s writing, and it’s well paced despite Tim Drake going all over the place.

However, I was very speculative at first, but now it’s a very sure thing: I don’t like the art of Ramon Bachs inside.  It’s too thick and dull, there’s just not much detail.  Tim’s age also varries from teenager of 15 to 17 to young adult to 25 through all of the issues.  There’s just not that much consistency.  The art looks fine when the page only has 1-4 panels, but little panels just don’t work for Bachs.  It gets too messy and the lines are scratchy and hard to completely decipher.  Visually, it’s just hard for me to get into this book.

Ultimately, the reveal page made reading this all worth it:

Daddy’s still out there Tim!

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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