Batgirl #2

18 Sep

Batgirl #2 just came out… and how’s the new Batgirl holding up?  Fairly well, I believe.  I mean, she is one of my favorite characters…

First off, the Batgirl covers that I’ve seen are fantastic.  They’re mysterious, sexy, sleek, and quite stylish.  Sure, this one kind of gave hope to classic fans out there that Barbara Gordon would somehow regain the ability to walk due to the original yellow motif coming back.  Oh well, Stephanie Brown kicks ass.

So, the whole confrontation between Barbara and Stephanie last issue was sort of stupid.  Plus, I really want some character out there who wants a dual life to actually have a dual life or just commit to vigilantiism because I couldn’t really handle the goofiness of Steph storming out of college class… where we get introduced to a new hotty guy… which really upsets me because Steph and Tim Drake 4ever…

Oh well, I’m glad that the story’s going out on a limb and introducing new characters in Steph’s life while having her build herself back up the superhero ladder from the bottom of the crime tier up.

Overall, the art’s good and the writing makes sense, but it’s nothing to go home and blog 72 hours straight about.

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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