Blackest Night #3

17 Sep

Beautiful, Terrifying, Chilling, Obscene, Creative, Phenomenal.  Perfect?  Maybe.

I just typed up a dazzling review of this comic and how it succeeds so amazingly, but I somehow lost it when I went to “Publish Post.” So, there goes 30 min. of work and a couple hundred words.  Now, I’ll just some up some thoughts on the comic and let you decide.

– Indigo Tribe Revealed
– Ray Palmer = A New Favorite
– How to “kill” a Black Lantern revealed?
– Visual Spectrum
– Mera’s becoming super important rather than a footnote
– Intruders?
– Barry and Hal call each other out
– Stark
– Ronnie Raymond’s fucked up
– Wonderful
– Accessible
– Why the dead rise

Geoff Johns is doing a wonderful job.  I love it.  I reread it just because I was in the gobbling up core story mode.  Rereading it provided many detailed nuances I missed before.  This comic is thick with layers of goodness.

5StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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