Facing the Future

3 Sep

Alright, the blog’s been carrying itself quite well without us posting recently.  I mean, with people searching for such terms as: “atom eve nude,” “sailor scouts lesbian,” “sailor moon fucking,” “gay sonic hedgehog,” and other sexual things, we’ve upgraded to 20+ views a day.  The Super HeroiHOT segment has become fairly popular, and more will come soon when I gots me some free time.

I’ve just been really busy.  I have mostly all reading classes (2 English + 2 Communication) where I’m constantly having to check out an article or have a book in my hands while maintaining two jobs and playing ultimate frisbee… my entertainment comes next (after Megan) and that doesn’t necessarily equal more blogging.  I’m trying here, but expect less updates for a little while till I get in a pattern of things.

I’m listening to Megan practicing for her show tomorrow night and she sounds amazing.

I really want to become a professor.  Professor Preiss was talking about the process of going through all the schoolings and publishing dissertations and having 100 people apply for one job, then about tenure.  I want it.  I want to be published.  I want to teach.  One of my jobs is being a course assistant for Professor Owen on a Freshmen film class, and I got to teach some things for about 20 minutes today, and it just seems so natural.  I want it.

Megan’s playing a song where she mimics the sound of a heartbeat.  I’m not fully paying attention, but my heartbeat’s speeding up.  It’s mesmerizing… I’ve had to stop a couple times to type this sentence.

Oh, in case you haven’t heard… Disney bought Marvel.

We’ll blog about Megan’s show, and I’m getting pictures. 

I need to update Stephanie Brown’s Super HeroiHOT page…

Type for you to read soon…


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