New Post, Yay!

27 Aug

Man, we were so close to hitting almost a hundred views in a single day last Thursday.  We got one away from reaching that goal, but I’m still super excited and grateful for the 99 views that helped get us that close.

Megan and I are almost finished getting settled into our apartment just in time for school!  Our relaxing agent of the last week has been watching Weeds.  We’ve blazed through 2.5 seasons in a week!  That’s pretty crazy.  The series definitely gets darker after the first season, but it’s still incredibly enjoyable. Zooey Deschanel was a lot more enjoyable in Weeds than 500 Days of Summer.  She’s so typecasted.

Currently, I’m eating Teddy Grahams and laying on Megan’s side of the bed because she’s out babysitting and I don’t have that much to do.  Well… okay, I have a lot I could do, but I really don’t feel like it right now.

I’ll try to catch up some more on comic reviews in the next couple weeks, and I’ll be annoyingly reminding my counterpart that she needs to blog more often.


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