Tales of the TMNT #60

14 Aug

To say the least, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about not having any comic book reviews lately (don’t worry, I’m working on a new Super HeroiHOT which no one will suspect).  Sure, I’ve been preparing for moving into my new apartment and going back for my second year of college, but that’s no excuse of withholding my occasionally witty points of view and striving feminism from you guys.  Sure, reading the whole “The Walking Dead” series (up to the new issue that came out on Wednesday which I’ll give a review of soon enough) just in time for the announcement of it turning into a television show probably didn’t help either.

So, I fell back on one of the most reliable, entertaining comics in the industry to reinvigorate me into writing some more reviews.

Dan Berger, you are about to hear a lot of praise.  Plus, Tristan Jones, thanks for the suggestion.  Now, I own and have read almost every single TMNT comic to be printed (excluding Image’s series)… So, I have a great base knowledge of what has happened and probably will happen, but it’s always a great idea both for new readers and old to include a little “here’s the story thus far…” feature at the beginning of the comic.  I’m a huge fan of these.  So, thanks, I appreciate it a lot!

This story follows the return of Nobody (since he apparently wasn’t actually killed).  He allegedly just happened to bask/mutate in the belly of a giant starfish alien-thing for 15 years which doesn’t sound pleasant at all.  I really enjoyed the few stories that Nobody appeared in in Vol. 1.  I felt his character was a bit off in Vol. 2, but I still really liked him.  Plus, I was really excited when it looked like April was going to take up the Nobody mantle.  Nevertheless, this comic brings him back, and I believe it’s a good decision.

There are a lot of aliens in the TMNT Universe but only a few superhumans.  Originally, Nobody was a normal guy (cop, too) who dressed up at night a la Batman.  Now, the star fish alien-thing has changed him and given him powers to the equivalent of being Superman.  At first, I was not a big fan, but now I like the idea because it really gives Nobody… well, no more identity.

Plus, I like mutated/Vampire Venomed Raph stories!  I was a little thrown off because I thought Raph was drawn a bit larger in his mutated form on Vol.4, and that was kinda bothering me.  Nevertheless, Casey’s drunk (which has been happening quite a lot lately) and fights with Raph until Nobody accidentally shows up.  They talk awhile to explain what happened then some alien robot shows up.  It looks pretty hillarious and I definitely liked Raph’s way of taking it out (for once thinking).

Nobody’s change of costume at the end symbolized his full transformation, and I like how Nobody’s back but he’s just not the same.  Other than the little Mutated Raph size thing, Lawson’s pencils and inks look great in a sort of meticulously rushed sort of way.  Berger’s script seems pretty simple at first until you pick up on a whole bunch more on the second reading.

Buy this comic, you won’t be disappointed.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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