Super HeroiHOT #8: Karai

25 Jul

Karai_BowandArrow.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Welcome one and welcome all.  Here’s the eighth edition of Super HeroiHOT, and I’m bringing to you one of my favorite characters from TMNT fandom: Karai.  I think she’s gong to do pretty damn well… but, can she dethrone the reigning champion/newly still alive Atom Eve!?  Click to keep on reading!

Are you ready for some Black and White goodness!?


Karai_CouchSitting.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Karai is of Japanese decent with a toned and fit body of a ninja.  Her costume usually varies depending on the setting.  It’s nice to have a character that’s adaptive to their environment.  However, the ninja rules apply to her garments and that means: black Black BLACK!  Somehow, she pulls it off quite well.  Female ninjas are hard to come by in comics.  Sure, some ladies have ninja “training,” but they’re not truly ninja and it’s more so an add-on to make a character look/sound cooler.  One of my favorite looks has to be from the 2007 CGI movie.  The hood is such an exellent addition.  Plus, the costume looks practical and yet modern.

turtles-battle-large.jpg image by kippynips

Surprisingly, Karai still looks pretty damn good for being around 100 here:

Karai_goodOlDays.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

I mean, sure… she’s a little crazy… her hair’s a bit of a mess… and she’s just skin and bones… but she could probably still kick your ass while lookin good… at 100.

Karai_sitting.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Early training Karai before she became leader of The Foot also looks really good.  The costume’s practical, loose fitting, black, and simple.  Plus, she looks pretty cute.

Overall, Karai doesn’t miss a beat when looking good from 15 to 100.  All of her outfits are practical, simplistic, and yet still have a certain fashionability to them… Plus, remember, her character was created in the 90s when almost every comic character went through a really bad overboard phase… they had too much leather, too many accessories, and looked pretty stupid.  However, she did wear a costume with giant, 80s shoulder pads…

RATING: 9/10


Karai_dishonor.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Karai’s personality is sort of up in the air.  She has a tremendous sense of honor which I really respect because it follows in the tradition of martial arts.  On the other hand, she can totally flip out:

Karai_Mean.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Now, that just seems a bit overboard… Her face is actually quite pretty, and that’s supposed to bring doom?  Plus, the reason all those loyalists are confused/surprised is because their fantasy of The Shredder being female came true.

Karai_Vulnerable.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Other times, Karai is just plain creepy!  She has this weird obsession with the Turtles and can’t seem to shake it off.  She also lies a lot.  Sure, I understand that she’s the head of a whole Ninja organization and some things need to be kept secrets… but still.  Nevertheless, she’s strong, determined, and manages like no other.

That doesn’t stop me from feeling that a date would sort of go like: “hey, you’re looking great tonight!” “I’m honored.” “Do you like the chicken or pork best?” “Some things are best left unsaid.” “Alright… Want a beer?” “Occasionally, I feel the quench.”

So, she kinda creeps me out… and, if I was a foot ninja under her control, I’d probably dream of some day gaining the courage to ask her out on a date but be rejected.  Then, I’d probably die.  Foot Ninjas die a lot.  It’s sort of what they’re good at… except Karai because she’s super ninja… Nice lead-in, right?

RATING: 4/10


Karai_Sword.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Karai has absolutely no superpowers to speak of… and that’s hot.  She’s one of the most powerful characters in the TMNT Universe and she got that way with skill, determnation, and training.  There’s something very sexy about that.

She’s trained in martial arts but specializes in Ninjitsu like the TMNT.  She’s not afraid to kill.

Karai_sweetKill.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Ouch, Sai through the chest.

Karai_FightLeo.png picture by PseudoPsychic

Karai happens to also be Leonardo’s equal.  In Vol. 4, they are often each other’s sparring partners.  It’s a fairly even match which says a lot because Leonardo is considered probably the best swordsman in TMNT comics.

Karai’s overall skills, however, are surpassed by none making her either a powerful ally or fierce enemy.

RATING: 10/10


Karai_Shredder.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Karai doesn’t necessarily have a secret identity.  The Foot Clan only recently went semi-public by becoming the Utrom aliens bodyguards, but many average citizens still do not know of their existence.  She remains well-hidden to the right people and in-the-open for others.  Since running the Foot Clan is her life and there’s nothing outside of that, there’s not much room to separate herself and have a secret identity.

RATING: 10/10


Karai_KillerLampshade.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

She totally killed someone with a lamp pole once… that’s a feat within itself.


Karai_Seppuku.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

She convinced a guy to kill himself just by talking to him.


Karai_Socialize.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

AKA: Even girls who are leaders of the most powerful, secret organization in the world who hang out with aliens or mutated turtles most of the time just wanna have fu-un.
Cyndi Lauper… eat your heart out.


Alright, alright… so, 9 + 4 +10 +10 + 3 equals… Drum Roll, please… We’ll see how Karai does…

Karai_TurtleSword.png picture by PseudoPsychic


Woo!  Karai, you get an A on your Super HeroiHOT quiz!  Great job… unfortunately, you came one point short of dethroning Atom Eve…

Karai_Damn.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Don’t worry, Don’t worry!  You’re still super hot, skilled, and powerful… just, you know, work on your temper a bit, maybe go and hang out with your own species who aren’t ninjas some more, and ditch the 80s shoulder pads…


3 Responses to “Super HeroiHOT #8: Karai”

  1. Yon Evil March 27, 2010 at 3:20 PM #

    Wow! Karai has to be the coolest character ever! What comic is the one where she’s a kid training from?

    • MechanisticMoth March 28, 2010 at 4:58 PM #

      Tales of the TMNT #44. It’s a pretty killer issue showing a side of Karai not normally depicted.


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