The Blackest Night #1

22 Jul

Blackest Night #1: more than just your atypical zombie comic book…

I was blown away… and for good reason.

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To tell you the truth, I’ve waited a whole week to give out my review of Blackest Night #1 because I had to make sure it was as good as I thought it was.

I told myself before hand “hey, at least this new multi-title crossover event isn’t penned by Grant Morrison…” to get myself pumped up.  I’m not that anti-event books because I love for there to be a greater purpose to the whole universe built up and created by a comic company.  I just lost a lot of faith in how Final Crisis was handled and I feel like “Dark Reign” is just going on for way too long.

Blackest Night #1 delivers.  I read it and truly feel that grand epicness that the story’s turning into.  This event will have consequences.  Final Crisis had more resurrections than deaths so I’m sure this will deliver on that front.

I love how the writing begins with the superheroes and the world honoring their deceased (mostly) superheroes.  It’s like death brings people together in a positive way, and then Johns counters with death (as in Black Lanterns) bringing people together in a negative way.

This comic is beautifully rendered with imagination, deep thought, and vibrant strokes while the art hits on and emphasizes the tones of the different parts of the book.

Also, the comic delivered quite frankly the most disturbing image I’ve seen in comics for a long time:

SkullLicking.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Black Hand licking Bruce Wayne (Batman)’s skull.  I’m really interested in how the stories handling Wayne’s “death.”  Technically, he’s stuck back in time somewhere and not actually dead, so then how does this skull (which we’re not even sure belongs to Bruce) act as some catalyst for the Black Lantern Rings to go out?  How does Bruce fit in the story?

The comic also treated us to the great sight of a Guardian dying… right after he admitted that Ganthet (the best Guardian ever who formed the Blue Lanterns with Sayd) was right.  It’s vicious, violent, and vulgar… I love it.

GuardianEating.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Whoever said Guardians couldn’t be sexy…

I really love the inks in this issue, by the way.

The comic’s actually scary because I truly can’t tell you if all of my favorite heroes are going to make it out alive… Nevertheless, the tenseness and the edge of the seat excitement makes it worth it.

Plus, Bzzzd is back!  He was one of my favorite Green Lanterns ever.  He was the smallest partnered with the largest (Mogo, the size of the planet).  Good thing Mogo never died.

BlackLanterns.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Upon rereading I noticed something really great which I’m ashamed I didn’t notice before.  When Hawkman and Hawkgirl are talking to each other you can actually see them through the eyes of the Black Lanterns who see the emotions coming from them.  Hawkman is shaded red with “Rage” next to him while Hawkgirl is shaded pink with “Love” by her.

The two of them get attacked and Hawkman screams that he’s gong to kill the Black Lantern which the Lantern replies “you can’t.”  The creepiest thing is that Hawkgirl and Hawkman are then inducted into the Black Corps despite being basically immortal.


The story is so rich with references to other events in previous comics and comic crossing stories.  It truly is worth picking up because finally something substantial, meaningful, and with great impact is happening in comics after 50 years.

45StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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