Comics 7/8 + 7/15

19 Jul

Yes, I did read a comic with Sarah Palin in it this week…

Oh Man, are you about to get bombarded by some reviews… Like, a lot.  Tried to go out of my comofort zone again, and I’m not too sure it worked out for the better this time around.  Organized from best to worst… I hope you enjoy.

Green Lantern #43:

This issue took a break from the continuity revolving around Hal & co. which was slightly disappointing at first because I wanted to see the fight between Hope and Avarice AKA the Blue Corps and Agent Orange.  Partly, I feel like Hope may be my favorite even though a lot of fanboys are calling them crazed, religious pussies.  I’m an atheist and I still feel religion’s good for hope, and hope can come from a lot of different sources.

Anyway, this issue does some reconstructin’/full life history of William Hand AKA Black Hand AKA the Black Lantern main front and center guy.  Black Hand was sort of a Silver-Age dumbass villain who was mostly a joke.  Geoff Johns (our Savior!) reinvents him to be a damaged, evil individual who has gone to great lengths for his obsession over death… including his suicide at the end of the issue. 

This portrait of the character is disturbing yet exciting… I feel like he’s such a huge threat as the big bad villain because of his beliefs/views over death and not necessarily his powers.  This issue is also chilling for the spread of all the heroes who have died and those who have escaped death as well.

I really enjoy the desaturated colors/tones inside the Hand household juxtaposed against the more vibrant, but cooler tone following Black Hand around.  The pencils were spot on.

If you’re even interested a tiny bit in Green Lantern/the DC Universe, then check this lead in to the Blackest Night because it is truly great.

45StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Barack the Barbarian #1:

Okay, so there’s been a huge trend in the comic industry to somehow jump on Obama mania and feature him in some way in their comics.  Some more independent publishers have gone so far as to start whole series around him… like this one.

I was quite skeptical before reading this issue.  Honestly, it sounds pretty dumb… a combination of Conan the Barbarian with Obama… yeah, stupid.  Nevertheless, I gave it a shot, and by the end of it I was actually emitting some throaty chuckles from my scrawny, little neck.

The great thing about this comic is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  It’s told through some post-apocalyptic storyteller therefore, as he explains, things have been enhanced, erased, changed, or messed with for the purposes of the story… and that’s how Barack became a Barbarian.

Seeing Palin as the sexy dumbass is hillarious especially with her wolf skins.  McCain is a great ol’ war geezer… and I never thought I would actually like seeing Hillary in a warrior bikini.

There’s a mess of political jokes that are just hillarious as Barack tries to dethrone the evil Boosh from atop his tower where (I forget the actual funny renaming) Cheney holds the reins.

If you’re interested in politics and followed the election, then this issue will give you a good laugh.

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Amazing Spiderman #599:

This was the first Spider Man comic I’ve read in a long time… excluding reading the Civil War ones back in December.  I love Marvel for giving that first page recap of what the hell’s going on.  It made jumpin in on #5 of a 5 issues story arc pretty damn easy.

Harry Osborn (Peter Parker’s Best Friend who actually hates Spider Man) versus Norman Osborn (former Green Goblin now overseer/ruler of the superhero community) in costumes!  Yay!

This had good writing and some interesting twists.  Plus, Peter looked pretty cute trying to cover his face/identity (that he got back by selling off his marriage to the devil!) with a scrap of cloth.

It delivered on action with a decent plot for even someone loosely following Dark Reign.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Batman #688:

I don’t really know what happened since 687… it feels like I miss an issue.  What happened to Scarecrow on the bridge?

Dick Grayson brooding… kicking Damian’s ass… brooding… then kicking some bad guy’s face while wait… what?  SMILING!?  I can count on one hand how many times a drawing of Batman smiling has appeared in comics out of everything I’ve read (90’s and up).  So, it’s really hillarious and makes me smile.  It’s not a bad thing, and I love how Two-Face just tunes straight in onto this new Batman.

Aside from the confusion in the beginning… Winick (the writer) is starting to earn back some of my respect… Plus, the pencils and inks are pretty sweet.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Wolverine Origins #35:

I find it pretty goofy when an “Origins” title is used to tell stories in present comic-time.  Sort of defeats the purpose, you know.  So, the sweet ass Marvel catch-me-up in the beginning still left me sort of confused.  Nevertheless, Wolverine AKA Logan is after his son Daken to stop that little bitch who betrayed him and try to save him from himself.

Well, little miss Daken is after the only thing that can kill Wolverine… a sword.  A sword made by a mystic.  Okay, yeah, this is starting to sound kind of dumb.  Nevertheless, the comic was cool for it’s crazy violence and Father-Son tension (a couple times I expected Logan to ask Daken if he wanted to go pick up chicks with him).  Sure, the writing and whole plot’s a little goofy, but I enjoyed it.  Fun to read while not necessarily getting involved.  Daken’s horse mane/mohawk is one of the worst things in existence.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Red Robin #2:

For once, there was some brooding for Tim Drake.  The guy who barely shed a tear for his girlfriend dying (Stephanie Brown/Spoiler currently the second hottest SuperHeroiHOT) is going apeshit searching for his adopted father and the only other guy who believes he’s not dead is the guy that formerly adopted Tim Drake’s adopted father as his son AKA Ra’s Al Ghul.

I’m still gettin used to the drawing style, but the writing was great filled with juicy references of the former Robin series while still remaining incredibly accessible to any outside/new readers.  Pretty sweet Tim Drake excommunicating himself from everyone and starting to break some self-imposed rules.  Neat-O!

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


The Unwritten #3:

The cover’s pretty sweet, but more of a metaphor for what happens in the issue.  I like this series.  It delivers a consistently good story and art… but it just kind of moves too slow for me. 

Nevertheless, this is definitely more of a comic aimed towards the inde/scene crowd while possibly appealing to the Harry Potter fan base.  Worth a look.

35StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Batman: Streets of Gotham #2:

Mouthfull of a title, huh?  I liked this much better than the first issue… Plus, it was a whole lotta resurrected/back to kick some ass Black Mask which was more than we had seen before.  Firefly actually kind of seemed like a cool villain for once.

Loved the Tommy Elliot ploy/plot that’s going on.  He totally tricked Alfred… Plus, he did a bit of plastic surgery to you know, welllll, look like his most hated person ever: Bruce Wayne.  Very interesting and a great brew.  Combined with the couple other Batman titles I read, it really looks like Dick has his hands full as the new Batman… and I like that!

35StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Chew #2:

This comic has a great idea behind it and some pretty stylish/slick artwork… but, the writing is pock marked with cliche’s and mediocre lines… I’m interested in what happens, but this just tries too hard to be funny.  A lot of people are really likin’ this comic so definitely give it a shot.  I’m just completely on the fence about it.

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


The Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1:

This comic tells a couple stories about some different lanterns including Saint Walker (Blue Lantern/Hope), Mongul (Yellow Lantern/Fear), and Some Indigo/Compassion Lanterns.

These are basically short tales to flesh out the characters before the giant event.  I liked Saint Walker’s tale because I really dig the hope and I found it really inspiring even with the religion thrown in.  Mongul’s story was a standard Mongul story… so, I wasn’t too interested.

Most exciting of all was the Indigo Tribe tale because this is the first time these corps have been featured.  Honestly, you don’t learn too much about them because their language isn’t understood, but they do seem to have the power to absorb and then use the other corps powers… it’s a little confusing but definitely exciting.

Overall, not bad, but not great.

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Dead @ 17: Afterbirth #1:

So, I figured out that this story was part of something else… I’m guessing just Dead @ 17.  I didn’t know much of what was going on for the most part, and the story didn’t explain much about the past to me, the new reader.  The art style is hip, but a bit too overdone for me… it’s also a little weird that these girls are 17 and everyone has the perfect body of a 24 year old.  I liked the art despite some of its exploitations, and that’s sort of what saved this comic for me.

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Titans #15:

The cover’s really stupid.  It has nothing to do with the story and it basically just likes to show off Kori’s ass down there in the Left… Plus, It shows that Wally West (Flash) and Gar are madly in love.

So, Aqualad’s all grown up and sad over his adoptive father Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman dying.  So, there’s more brooding than Dick Grayson could do in 30 issues all packed into this one.  It’s pretty talk-y, but that’s alright.  I just got annoyed by how self-conscious he was about his purple eyes.  To tell you the truth, I don’t remember Aqualad’s new fightin’ name, and that’s probably the problem… there’s just not much drama in this comic unless it’s self-imposed, and it’s obvious what he’s gonna do at the end.

25StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Dark X-Men #1:

AKA – Namor and Norman should really just get over their tension and make out… I mean, Norman’s all chilling with Namor in the bathroom with him as he’s taking a shower and tries to give him a towel, but Namor – in his winged-footed sexual tension – throws him against the wall.

This comic is only worht the sexiness of that one page… Otherwise, it’s not really worth it aside from some decent artwork.

25StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Ms. Marvel #41:

So, some Moonstone chick is posing as Ms. Marvel.  The real Ms. Marvel “died,” and there’s some weird thing about babies going on… the real Ms. Marvel who’s “dead” is in this comic less than Spider Man and Wolverine.  Basically, pretty dumb.

25StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Buck Rogers #2:

I read this because I feel like no one cares… I really want this comic to suceed, but it’s just confusing and taking it’s time too much.  If you advertise sweet=ass suits on the cover with neat, fancy guns for three issues in a row, then I want to see them dammit!

The art was a bit exploitative of the chick, and that was dumb.  I want to keep reading it, but it’s hard.

2StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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