Stupid, Stupid Laptop

12 Jul

Have to make this quick because Megan’s waiting for me.  I’m currently in the Business center of the Iron Blosam hotel in Snowbird, Utah.

Now, I did bring my laptop so her and I could keep up with the electronic world and keep the blog interesting while we’re out doing stuff in Utah, but it’s all pooped out.  I mildly foolishly had my laptop in my checked luggage because I frankly didn’t want to deal with anything while I travelled.  Mind you, I had that thing packed in tight and comfortably with a bunch of clothes surrounding it in all directions.  Nevertheless, got to Utah and the thing won’t have anything appear on screen…

So, it’s been kind of nice without constantly worry about what’s going on on the Intrawebz… But I still want that internet!

Anyway, working for Specialized has been fun.  We’re working Road Demo and showing off the new 2010 line of bikes to dealers.  We’ll update more probably after we get back… and with pictures!

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