A Special Thanks!

7 Jul

I honestly have to throw out a huge thanks to this guy.  Mr. Dan Berger.  He maintains the TMNT website www.ninjaturtles.com while scripting new comics while drawing while inking and doing a whole bunch of other stuff.  He’s an amazing guy.  He honestly replies e-mails for the fanmail within hours of when you send them to him and he’s an all around wonderfully friendly guy. 

Mr. Berger linked to this blog off of the ninja turtles website for the comic book reviews I did last week of the three TMNT issues I reviewed.  Within two days this has generated our blog 100+ views.  First off, I’m glad that there’s that many people even interested in what I have to say about the comics, and second, I’m enamored that my love of TMNT has blessed me of being linked to on the website.  Sure, it’s a small thing, but it’s something that truly means a lot.

Hell, all the guys at Mirage of the TMNT crew are great guys deserving of numerous applause.  I’m so happy that TMNT has reached its 25 year anniversary and I want to see it go for another 25.  So, please, if you’re even a bit interested in comics or the turtles support these guys because they deserve it.  They consistently come out with amazing product while remaining some of the friendliest, most tight-knit group of people in the comic industry and entertainment.

Plus, TMNT vol.4 #31 is going to be coming out pretty soon… so, I finally don’t have to wait a year to get my $12.20 issue… Now it’s only a couple months!

Congratulations TMNT for 25 years!


Peter Laird also maintains a fairly active blog that I appreciate quite a lot.  He includes old TMNT or other drawings that he’s found in a “Blast from the Past” segment while often talking about riding motorcycles and occasionally his family.  He seems like a pretty down-home type of guy who enjoys the fruits of his labor without taking it for granted.



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