7/1/09 Comics

5 Jul

I totally went out of my comfort zone (DC and indies) this week to provide a bit of perspective for the other side of the fence a la Marvel.  So, I was pleasantly surprised in some instances and devastated in others.  I have a lot to review so expect a bit shorter commentaries.  Nevertheless, there’s some great stuff you should pick up this week.

Oh, and if you promptly want to hear me bitch a lot about stupid, sexist comics that should not even exist, then I suggest you shoot straight down to the bottom where I have a field day with some worthlessness that I forced myself to read.

I hope you like the sweet ass stars I made!


Justice League: Cry for Justice #1:

The reviews I’ve checked out have differed greatly on this comic.  Some think it’s boring as hell and other’s think it’s amazing.  Well, I happen to think it’s great with a few, mild problems.

Hal Jordan’s pissed off, and things change when that happens.  He’s angry that the JUSTICE League waits around for villains to attack them or innocent civilians rather than bringing justice to them by hunting down the evil doers (Batman style).  This is often a thought I, as a reader, have had when considering the stories always involving some sort of direct attack without the League making the first move.  So, all of the characters begin uniting over the idea/word of “Justice!!!!!”  And yes, one of the faults is that everyone has to yell it out in the street for the world to hear to be part of this off-branch league.

According to my notes: the art’s brilliant, raw, and colored pencil-style, Superman looks a bit like Christopher Reeve which is pretty sweet, and the story is compelling.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Batman and Robin #2:

I liked this issue.  It was nice and well paced.  I enjoyed seeing Dick plagued with self-doubt and becoming his own Batman.  I also like seeing Damien get the hell kicked out of him.  His costume’s cool, but he’s a shit.  Quietly’s art has the subtle, thin-line pen look to it that is immensely detailed but raw.  I like raw.  Don’t give me polish… I want to see the work involved.  Quietly has Damien look like he’s ten.  I always had/have a problem with artists who made Tim Drake look 21 when he was still 15.

Morrison’s writing works, but I’m still not sold.  The first issue was great, but this one’s just barely keeping up.  Plus, why couldn’t Mr. Toad have stayed around for just a little while longer?

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Invincible Iron Man #15:

I have to admit that the only other Iron Man comics I read was when I read the entire Civil War story arc.  I loved when one issue would have him with a goatee and another he would have just a mustache… anyway, I jumped right in on this one and thank goodness Marvel provided a brief synopsis of what the hell’s been going on because I would have been quite confused. 

I really was surprised by how great this comic was.  I came in expecting something mediocre and was returned with beautiful artwork and a compelling story.  Tony Stark’s life just keeps on getting shittier as he becomes dumber… and as he fears more “normal.”

From someone who’s not a big Marvel fan, I secede and give my approval of this satisfyingly great comic.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


The Unwritten #2:

The plot thickens as more and more information comes to light that Tom may be his father’s fictional character Tommy Taylor (quite similar to Harry Potter).  However, a loop’s thrown when an assassin never fully enlightens the reader on the Tom connection.  This issue lacked some action but made up for it with better writing than the last issue.  I found this comic to be a great improvement over its predecessor with a lot of twists and thrills thrown in.

The art is strong with a bold and edgy style that still keeps the colors clean.  The story also contains many references to other works of fiction which I love (reason why I adore Fun Home).  This comic enlightens and entertains… if it wasn’t for the swearing it would be a great comic for all ages.

4StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Green Lantern Corps #38:

This issue follows the events that have been going on.  It shows the Green Lantern Corps playing pick me up from the Sciencell riot/break out while also flipping to the fight on Daxam and Soranik Natu contemplating about Sinestro being her father.

The story was good following Guy and Kyle’s fight against the Guardians to spare the lives of the rioters and give them a proper trial instead of murdering them at point blank.  The Guardians really are about to lose it and Scar is the instegator.  She’s such a major bitch and I love it. “All Will and No Heart.”

The last frame seemed a bit unnecessary… this comic just isn’t going fast enough to lead into Blackest Night for me.  It’s good, but it just doesn’t have that “wow” factor bubbling to the surface every page like some of the comics above.

35StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Star Wars: Invasion #1

Yep, I definitely went out on a limb to read my first Star Wars comic.  This comic’s set 25 years after the 6th movie with Luke setting up his Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, and these crazy ass creatures called Yuuzhan Vong start taking over the New Jedi Order.

The comic was interesting and not necessarily bad.  It just was slow paced and I wasn’t really that terrified of the Yuuzhan like I felt I should be.  I know a little about what happens after the 6th movie and that helped, but this comic is definitely an appeal to Star Wars fans only.

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Fantastic Four #568:

For someone who doesn’t care too much for the Fantastic Four and actually wanted Sue and Reed to break up during their confrontations of Civil War, I didn’t think this comic was too bad.  Marvel gave their helpful little synopsis at the beginning, and I followed along.

I just didn’t really get the whole point of this evil guy going along and playing with Reed when he’s already killed all of the other Fantastic Four’s in the multiverse.  It just seemed kind of pointless and a way for the comic to revisit history.  Sue also looks like she’s 17… not a mother of two kids.  I like Ben Grimm (The Thing)… he was pretty cool in this issue.  Overall, not much wow factor just a meek “wtf?”

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Uncanny X-Men #513

What’s up with scales on Marvel costumes?  From Steve Rogers to Namor here it’s all kind of stupid looking.

Begin Dark X-Men!  Oh shit.  It’s interesting wondering if Emma Frost is good or bad or what since she’s definitely a Super HeroiHOT candidate, but she just kind of seems like the equivalent of a cardboard cutout; nice to look out, thin, but not much depth.

Sure, it would help if I read X-Men to give this review and keep in mind that this is someone who just managed to pick it up with a mild interest and no experience with the lore, but it just didn’t excite me as a new reader.  Sure, it was cool seeing some places in San Francisco that I know of and wondering what the hell Scott’s going to do that might not make him look like a pussy for once, but it still managed to be sort of stale.  Nevertheless, I’ll give it a bit of the benefit of the doubt and give it a well-meaning:

3StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Marvel Divas #1:

Big boobs are gross.

So, yeah, the cover’s interesting and I’ve always kind of liked Black Cat despite the stupid fur on her legs, but the interior art loses its magic and the plot does not focus on these girls crime-fighting lives.  It’s often been described as “sex and the city” with women comic characters.  Well, this comic is written by a man, and it comes off as a bit sexist to me.  The writing corners the girls in liking three things: parties, shopping, and men.  Oh, and gossiping about those three.  I just feel like their’s great room to expand on this premise, and I’ll be honest that the comic does attempt to.  The writing also gives the women “agency” which is a fancy communications major term relative to “power.”

Nevertheless, I found myself skipping pages.  Although, bonus points for the Litchenstein reference!

marvelDiva_Litchensteinreference-1.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

It didn’t wow and it attempted not to be sexist but cornered itself anyway… So, I think the score’s suitable.

25StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Greek Street #1:

I was so confused reading this that I probably could have thought I was Justin Timberlake for just a short moment.  There’s Oedipal shit in here (knowing that you’re fucking your mother, too…. what the hell!?), zombie things, mobs, strippers who only demean women, and lots of blackish-red blood.

This comic’s just trying too hard to be edgy and new with a convulted plot that’s basically copying and pasting elements from different genres.  A nice attempt that falls flat on its face like a kid falling off a swing……. from ten stories up.

2StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Captain America: Reborn #1:

Captain America Reborn 1 John Cassaday.jpg

This is just a stupid idea.  Marvel is acting like a fucking dumbass for doing this.  This is as equally stupid as bringing Barry Allen back to life but much less interesting.  It involves Steve Rogers body being stuck and yet unstuck and yet frozen and yet unfrozen in time.  He was shot with a second “special gun.” I could rant and rave for a decade about how stupid this is.  Bucky was/has been a much better Captain America than Steve Rogers.  No doubt, I like Steve Rogers but now he acts as a symbol… God, I’m probably going to be just this pissed when Bruce Wayne comes back… but at least we know he’s not dead rather than suddenly having it revealed to us like Rogers.  I hate resurrections.  I hate this comic. 

Steve Rogers travels through his own time stream popping from one event already lived to another, but it’s totally not cool unlike “Quantum Leap.”  The only saving grace of this comic’s stupidness is it’s great art with lots of contrast and darks. 

15StarRatingscopy.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1:

Deadpool’s been a fairly popular character as of late despite the ridiculously stupid version as seen in Wolverine: Origins.  I’ve been interested in the character and it seemed like his other series was a good place to start, but since this was the first issue I figured I’d be alright.  First off, this issue is confusing.  Second, it doesn’t explain itself.  Third, Deadpool’s supposed to be funny, but this one’s completely stupid.

This issue is incredibly sexist with a female character who’s supposed to be a respectable scientist but is obviously a dumb woman who only has sex appeal with her gigantic breasts and tight ass thrown in to give readers a boner.  Her portrayal is nothing short of demeaning and sickens me.  The plot’s not interesting… neither is the twist… neither is Deadpool.  The writing is awful highlighted by a caveman saying “booga ooga ooga” with a translation at the bottom.  The art was exploitative (especially of the overdone, sexified woman who needs to be saved by the big, strong, mutated man), and just not interesting.  I found myself skipping pages upon pages of this worthless crap.

There’s no redeeming quality in this book aside from the coloring which even then doesn’t brighten up the story.  I will never read another story by this author again, and I can’t believe people see the appeal in something that demeans and exploits while remaining bland and uninteresting.

Marvel, you failed.

5StarRatingscopyjpg.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


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