3 Jul

Hey, sorry we haven’t posted in a bit, but I’ve been working a garage sale/preparing for it, and it’s not over until Sunday.  It’s really kind of disappointing that only one person’s taken a look at my comics… oh well, if I have to, I’ll just sell them to Half-Price Books.

Working a garage sale can be a mix of feelings from elated to sad to bored to moderately amused, and watching a whole cast of characters come through the driveway often changes this on a moment’s notice.

Well, as a little hint hint… I’m working on a new Super HeroiHOT by getting all the scans ready for the pictures.  I’ll be Photoshopping them soon.  I have to get all of this done by Wednesday because that’s when Megan and I are going to Utah and seeing each other after 3+ weeks!  I’m incredibly excited.

Anyway, the two hints for the Super HeroiHOT are that she was recently in a movie and her character’s (sort of/mostly) not from the big two.  Yellow.

I haven’t been reading that many comics with women in them, lately, so I fell back on a character that many people who aren’t really even in the know on comics may recognize.

I’ve been obsessing on all things Tim Drake… I’m almost done with the entire Robin series… 183 issues.  You may have read my post on the first 100… well, I’m at 172 and almost done.

Hope your 4th of July will be just dandy tomorrow.  Please, don’t blow your hands off or anything because that just ruins it for the rest of us… how else am I suppose to get sparklers?

Oh, and by the way, I sincerely thank you for reading this blog and helping us reach 1000 views within 3 months!

And shit… I just remembered I might have skipped a meeting with my sort of boss today… because I forgot.  Fuck!

UPDATE:  Checked my e-mail, and I’m off the hook!  Woo hoo!  Thank you American forefathers for being a bunch of crazy ol’ bastards who were mostly really sexist, racist, and prejudiced in all forms for ragtiming it to make the other guy look kind of foolish.


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