Atom Eve… Dead?

22 Jun

Oooh… ow.  Did anyone else read Invincible #63?  Fuck, I am craving the next issue.

So, yeah, I go through all this trouble rating Atom Eve for Super HeroiHOT and giving her such a high rating because I’m a big fan of her character…….. and, Image kills her off.  Granted, it doesn’t officially say “she’s dead,” but, you know, she does get an Viltrumite’s hand shoved straight through her midsection.  Damn… this sucks.  The next issue tease at the end involves her bloody costume and hand similar to when Mark and Dad had their big fight.  My guess is that she’ll die, and get resurrected 50 issues down the road in some messed up multiverse/time continuum improbability. However, as much as I like the character… I really hope not.  I mean, I really want to see a character just stay dead in comic-land.  Mark Grayson can learn a lot from having true love spoiled through his superhero life, and I think resurrecting her would really ruin that.

Check out my Super HeroiHOT rating of Atom Eve to see her death frame!

However, it’s no sure sign who it is this funeral on the cover of issue #65 is for… I mean, a lot of people have died.

Okay, yeah, it’s totally her that’s dead.  I read this issue like a whole 4 times, and Robert Kirkman confirms it in the letters pages.  He is totally amping Invincible up for a bloody, chaotic end… hopefully in 10 years… beacuse I could really go for roughly 120 more issues!

I even wrote Kirkman a letter about this issue… I hope he enjoys my plees at no resurrections.

Is this an end of an era for Atom Eve?  I sure hope not… but, I have to say, it was fucking cool how she went out… Plus, I think that’s just the inspiration Mark needs to kill an Ultrimite… oh, where’s his Dad been?

By the way, I might as well give the issue a 4.5/5 stars.  It furthers the plot, ties up some loose ends, and really, really, really wants me to get the next issue.

For newcomers, start at the Invincible War (so, probably read the last 4 or 5 issues) and work your way up to get an idea of what’s going on.

Oh, and sorry to ruin a major plot point for you other Invincible-readers… I’m just an asshole… Plus, you’ve had almost a week to read it, now.


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