Super HeroiHOT #6: Atom Eve

18 Jun

Atom Eve

This week is Atom Eve who’s skivies name is: Samantha Eve Wilkins.  She’s one of the first characters to be introduced in Invincible, Image comics really incredibly comic that’s still goin’ on (issue 63 came out this week!).  She’s pretty damn Sexy, and not too annoying… I kind of think she’s going to do really well… so, let’s see.


…Annnndddd, here’s a nice shot from behind… you know, just to give you a good idea of what her cape looks like.

atomeveflying.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Eve’s Appearance has kind of a Supergirl vibe to it with that little mini cape in the back and the one piece swimsuit styled suit.  I’m a pretty big fan of the costume… Sure, it’s a little overdone on the pink… like, pretty damn over done.  However, I like how the costume’s primarily two colors that are simplistic.  It’s a sleek costume that’s pretty minimalistic and that’s pretty awesome.  I mean, they were totally goddamn disgusted at some of the costumes made during the 90s (and, I hate to say Image, you had a lot of them), and went completely the opposite.  I enjoy how the lighter pink creates the illusion to gloves on the sleeves.  I’m not too big on the symbol being a mix between the women/feminine symbol and an old school atom symbol… It’s alright, but I’m glad it’s not too much the focus of the costume.  I really am appreciative that the costume’s pretty modest… I mean, it covers up more skin than an average high schooler in the winter.  Sure, it’s form fitting and tight to accentuate those certain areas, but I like it a lot, anyway.

atomeve_sleeping.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

As the comic has progressed and especially when Ryan Ottley took over drawing duties from Cory Walker on issue #7, Eve’s boobs have gotten gigantic.  Maybe they were just trying to be a bit more modest at the beginning of the series on boobage, but her’s just keep getting bigger.  Honestly, I appreciated her having seemingly normal boobs in the beginning, but I got wary to see this much perk and this much boobage as the series went on.

Overall, though, there’s not too much to complain about.

Appearance: 9/10



AtomEve_Forceful.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Okay, so she can be a bit forceful… yeah, pretty forceful, but I think it’s just because she was being the shy little girl early on and decided that she’s not going to get what she wants by doing that.  Overall, she’s incredibly kind and caring. 

At one point, she realizes that superpowers aren’t all about fighting evil and that they can do so much more (then she goes to Africa)… seriously, how often have you heard of that?  A superhero who realizes they can still use their powers for good without fighting… yeah, I can only think of Savior 28… every other hero who’s done it ends up changing back after only a couple months.  Sure, Eve eventually comes back to crime fighting after about a year in comic book time (about 3 or 4 years in real life time), but that’s a significant amount including every big difference she made in Africa with her powers rather than just being there and helping out… Plus, she did it because she felt like she could make the biggest difference by ending outside threats and supporting poverty stricken people or other issues affecting the world from afar… she still hasn’t stopped helping and returned to what she knows best, it’s actually affected her, and that’s awesome.  She’s changed as a character which makes her much more three dimensional.

However, I feel like she’s sometimes written as that preppy, sorority girl which I’m not a big fan of… I know, it’s a manner of taste… anyway, it only comes off that way occasionally.

Personality: 9/10


Super Powers:

atomeve_flyingoff.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

I honestly feel that her superpowers are so vast and full of possibilities that the series has barely even scratched the surface of how extensive they may be.  Eve has the ability to manipulate atoms within objects as long as she knows their atomic code with merely a thought.  Therefore, she’s been super science geeky as a child and could kick all of our asses in a Chemistry test.  In her time in Africa, she manipulated her (hinted at) poop (oh, hell yeah) to build things for the villagers and help them get food and nourishments and housing… sure, it’s a little gross, but that’s still pretty sweet.  She can fool around with the air particles around her allowing her to fly as well as create shields in the air.  One of the things they like to advertise most about her, though, is her ability to change from her costume to her civies to her nakedness… and yes, she uses it quite often. 

Granted, her powers use a lot of concentration, will power, and knowledge of objects… sure, she basically has a Green Lantern ring with more stipulations, but that makes her more vulnerable and dynamic (seriously, the Green Lantern ring’s supposed to be the most powerful weapon in the universe but we’re always seeing it trumpped by something).

Her powers definitely can go to vast places that haven’t even been thought of, and I’m excited to see where they lead.  It’s nice to have a character without the typical super strength to force the reader to ask why.

Powers: 10/10


Secret Identity:

Atom Eve

Okay, I kind of mentioned that she could be a bit preppy, but that’s okay.  Eve was actually part of some government experiment to build a weapon, but the lead scientist switched her out with a couple’s who’s baby had been still born.  So, I think her and her parents know that she’s not related, but they raised her like they were their’s so they just don’t mention it. 

atomeve_funthisway.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

At high school, she just went to the dumpster area to change into her costume… so, she thinks about her Secret Identity, but she sort of lives the same life instead of two seperate ones while still attempting to keep a secret identity…  yeah, I guess there’s just not too much to write here… She’s careful, but it’s not a main concern…

Secret Identity: 9/10



Well, she’s now dating Invincible… and he could totally kick my ass… damn Viltrumites.

– 1



She actually realizes that she’s being super need-y with Mark while he’s trying to go out and be a superhero and realizes the situation he’s in… so, she understands when Mark’s late or in a bad mood or angry because she can relate… I find this interesting because the writer, Kirkman, kind of gives an explanation as to why superheroes date superheroes instead of civilians… Anyway, I just liked it.

AtomEve_whipsomethingup.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic


That brings our grand total toooooooo……….

37/40 !!!
or 92.5%

Let me present to you our new champ!!!  Atom Eve is Super HeroiHOT!

atomeve_youthink.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Well, um… obviously.  I did just right up this review-thing over the course of an hour and a half so… you know, I put a lot of thought into it…  Still, I’m pretty surprised you scored so high because, well… I’m a bastard and I rate things strongly.

Atomeve_nottough.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Seriously, I am, though… Oh well.  Atom Eve, I present you as our new Super HeroiHOT champion.  May your days be incredibly attractive (as you try to break out of that hospital bed in Invincible #62 looking all beat up and shit).



Well, talk about a buzzkill: the week I post this Super HeroiHOT review happens to be the week Robert Kirkman kills Atom Eve off in Invincible #63.  He claims that her death won’t be in vain, and I believe him…

Don’t worry, Eve dying doesn’t really affect her score.  I mean, she died trying to protect the man she loved, that’s pretty awesome right.  Plus, instead of going out with a “Bang” she went out with a “SPLUGCK!” and later a “uherherhwwerrhh” as the blood curdled in her mouth.

Pretty hot, huh!?

atomevedeath.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

Don’t worry Eve, you’ll always be Super HeroiHOT in my eyes… just resist the urge to get resurrected.


Is it considered a resurrection when the character comes back next issue mere minutes in comic book time after the apparent death?  I don’t think so… and issue 64 of Invincible showed readers that Eve’s powers are way stronger than we ever imagined.  Unfortunately, to get to Eve’s resurrection… we had to see this:

atomeveface.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

After issue 63, I wrote Robert Kirkman a letter begging him to not resurrect Atom Eve after her apparent death.  I also thanked him for not showing us her face.  Well, not only did I look like a complete dumbass (along with the rest of fandom, mind you), but he also showed her face next issue.

However, post-resurrection readers were treated with this image:

atomeverawpower.jpg picture by PseudoPsychic

That plus a few other images that were poking fun at fans (and a lot of the readers who reach this blog through search engine terms) for praying to be shown a nude Atom Eve.  I believe most people forgave Kirkman for making us look stupid after so many tease photos of Eve.


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