Stay Dead Steve Rogers… Down Boy!

16 Jun

If only comic book characters could be like dogs.

So, yeah… shit got controversial a couple years ago when Marvel decided to kill off a character who first appeared on his cover punching Hitler in the face… yeah, Steve Rogers A.K.A. Captain America.  It seemed realistic because he got shot in the throat… but no, Marvel’s just like, “hey, yeah, Captain America’s just not selling as well anymore since Bucky (Cap’s ol’ Sidekick) has taken up the role with his robotic arm… yeah, I think it’s a good idea that we just claim the bullet was some occult shit so we can bring that guy back and trump everyone in sales again… yep, awesome, talk to you later!”

What a bunch of douchebags… This comes along with DC resurrecting a poopload of people including: Flash (Barry Allen), Kid Flash, Superboy, and others… Oh, not to mention that their resurrecting every character who’s ever died in their universe… Um… yeah… But, it’s cool right?  Because those characters will be evil because they’re gonna be Black Lanterns… like zombies and stuff, right?

Man, comics are sort of fucked.

On to other news, I have some neat-o comic reviews in Best to worst fashionista.


Chew #1:

So, this guy Daniel Chu (haha, get it, right?) is a cop who at the end of the comic works for the F.D.A…  Some weird thing involving the Avian Bird Flu has forced the government to ban primarily Chicken (I believe).  Chu has the uncanny ability to get psychic visions from whatever he eats that basically tells the story of how that food got to his mouth like an orange getting picked off a tree, then being put into a box, then getting shipped across the country, then getting put on the shelf for him to buy.  So, interesting concept.

I like cannibalism… I’m okay with it… despite me not being too sure about there being one “n” or two…

The writing was funny, and the art was sharp and wry… the problem, most of all, was in the writing.  It could be funny one moment and then really stupid the next.  Just kind of predictable.  It’s also holding back a lot… Well, I guess the drawing kind of makes most of the characters look exactly the same or falls back on racist stereotypes for some of the set-piece characters in the background.

I probably won’t pick up the next issue… but it was still decent.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


Green Lantern Corps #37:

So, this issue was pretty neat following the events of last with Sodom Yat the supposed savior/last Green Lantern with the Ion power taking off his power ring because that corrupt bitch Scar (yeah, the Guardian with the scar) is trying to kill him.  She denied his access to the Ion power and told him he could force it out by taking off his ring and therefore succumbing to lead poisoning.  He basically flies straight into Daxam’s (his home alien-fearing planet) Red Sun and uses his powers to turn it Yellow.  Because, Daxam is the sister planet of a little place called Krypton with ohhh… I don’t know… Superman being born there. 

Now, all of the Daxamites have new superpowers that they can’t control and are planning on overthrowing Mongul’s Sinestro Corps control of the world.  Arisia (the lantern on the cover) leads them to go and kick some Sinestro Corps ass, and that’s how the issue ends.

In between, we get shots of some enemies joining forces with the Green Lanterns on Oa to defeat the loose Sinestro Corps members who escaped from the Sciencells because of Scar bitch.

Scar’s pretty scary and the best parts are how fucked up she is.

I felt like the pacing was definitely amped this issue to get us to Blackest Night which was sort of a bad thing… I’m confused on how they’re going to handle Sodom “sacrificing” himself and apparently dying despite being the propheted last lantern.

The art was occasionally messy, but it was mostly the writing that threw me for a loop.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Booster Gold #21

Pretty nonsense filled, and I hate the way the Batcave was drawn.  Seriously, talk about really dumb!  I don’t know why all of these series have been digging into Barbara Gordon’s crippling/mind rape at the hands of the Joker unless they’re really going to bring her back to be Batgirl.  If they do, I’m going to be so pissed off.  Babs is a way better character the way she is because she’s shown growth.  Why would she go and do that again after it already putting her in harm’s way?

It was messy.

Plus, the Black Beetle is a really lame ass villain.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


Buck Rogers #1:

You know, I really liked the first #0 issue of this series that was a giant 25 or 50 cents.  That was so awesome!  It had a smaller page number, but it intrigued me.  This comic was just really stupid.  I felt like I was coming in at issue #43 at 3 out of a 7 comic storyline that crosses into other titles.  I was dreadfully confused… and the art was just subpar.  The #0 issue tackled my imagination with giant Omeba and sweet ass coloring… this one just made me think menus at IHOP had more character and intrigue.

Sure, it’s leading up to something, but I really don’t care too much… Plus, Buck just seems way too similar to Hal Jordan (green lantern).

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars


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