New (good) Comics!

11 Jun

Woo, got me some new comics this week… and guess what… Batman comics aren’t sucking!

Best to worst…

Oh shit, it’s thunderin…


The Life and Times of Savior 28 #3:

So, this comics filling in the gaps from the previous two.  It’s really word-y, and occasionally gets lost.  It focuses primarily on what Savior 28 has done since his transformation, and some possible setbacks.

There’s some foreshadowing to how this man who can’t die eventually dies based upon what the Dalia Lama tells Savior 28.  More characters are introduced and a conspiracy to undermine Savior 28 unveils itself.

Overall, the issue leaves me asking questions not about the comic, but about the world.  This comic could really work as a book, but by working within the comics it’s doing something much more significant by addressing the superhero genre.

This issue may not have been as interesting or powerful as the last one, but it works as a whole.

I’m truly loving this series.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Batman #687:

Just as a note: I played the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3 (also the XBox 360) yesterday, and it totally gave me a boner.

So, this comic actually takes place before Batman and Robin #1… which is okay… I mean, I would have liked them to come out in order, but I guess DC was just so eager to vindicate Grant Morrison and make him a Saint again that they released it early.

So, Dick Grayson formerly Nightwing and formerly before that Robin #1 is now Batman for reals (he tentatively donned the cape and cowl before while Bruce was rehabilitating from a broken back), and he’s having a lot of doubts.  Nevertheless, he takes the role and understands the power of it and what he must do.  I like how Dick’s relocating the hub from the Batcave to… well, I guess the Bat-Underground Tower because he wants to honor Bruce’s Legacy, but fully make Batman his own rather than living in Bruce’s shadow.  Plus, Dick looks damn sexy brooding all the time! 

Alfred is a complete badass reprimanding everyone in this issue and understanding what Batman means to everyone.  Plus, I enjoy how Alfred recognizes that he’s a father figure for all of the crime-fighting boys.  The conversation between Dick, Alfred, Superman, and Wonder Woman really is handled delicately.  Damien’s being a bit more douche-y in this one, but not as bad as in Red Robin. 

The artwork is gorgeous… and for once, Scarecrow actually looks terrifying.  I’m quite surprised… sure Scarecrow’s whole plan for his fear gas is really dumb, but I like it.

I’m looking forward to Dick in the Cape and Cowl and really wished DC skipped the whole “Battle for the Cowl” debacle just to get to this point now.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Red Robin #1:

So, I kind of agree with Stephen over at Major Spoilers that the arts occasionally off in this issue… but boy, did I love it as a whole.

The writing’s murky and gorgeous.  Truly, I’ve always enjoyed writer’s versions of Tim Drake-Wayne inner dialogue.  He’s just such an interesting character to have that occasional wit but damn smartness to him inside his head.

I loved seeing why he’s not Robin for his adoptive brother Dick, and why he needs to make his own name for himself… by going under a different disguise that already has some tarnish to it.

The Red Robin costume was primarily used before by good ol’ whoredouche Jason Todd to kill people in for justice.  Tim recognizes that to get his main answer of where the hell Bruce Wayne has gone (because he hasn’t died!) he might have to get down and dirty.  I really don’t think Tim could kill, but this new costume signifies that he might have to.

I really love that Tim’s one of the few characters in the DC Universe that’s actually matured and grown up.  I like comics best when characters grow and learn from their experiences rather than just going from one crisis to another doing the same ol’ thing.  Representing change is the best part of Tim… he’s gone from the smart and acrobatic Robin #3 to a kickass master.

I really didn’t know that travelling the world for your adoptive father that everyone else thinks is dead could be so delightful.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Shit, had some good ones!


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