General Topics Entering My Brain

9 Jun

Megan left today.  She’s driving (and actually will almost be there) to Ashland to stay with her Aunt tonight, and then driving back home tomorrow.

It was really hard saying goodbye because the most we’ve been seperated has been 2-3 weeks, and now we’re going to be apart for a whole month.  When we reunite, though, we’ll be in Utah with a private hotel room all to ourselves… yeah, that’s pretty damn nice.

We bought a webcam for my computer so we can Skype it up while she’s in Australia/New Zealand next week we can still talk.  I really miss her.


So, how’d I get over Megan leaving today… yeah, I spent about 5 hours filling out fucking surveys for… Basically, you fill out these surveys and they give you an amount in credit to be used towards prizes… I want some more wii points.  I bought 2000 yesterday and got World of Goo… but I didn’t know that cost 1500… and I really want to play Pokemon Snap!  So, I’m 500 short right now.

So far, I’ve made like 5.65 points or something in 5 hours… I need 20.  Half of the surveys don’t work… most are pretty damn annoying… and I feel like I completely wasted my time.  You know, if I was working at a job for $10 an hour, I could have more than made the amount of money and then some for those goddamn wii points… fuck.


Anyway, I wanted to bitch about people instead of just talking about comic books for once.  I apologize to my grandmother (the one I like, the one I dislike is still staying with us and I’m freaking out) because she occasionally reads this blog, and I’m about to bash her daughter (my aunt) and my aunt’s husband.  So, sorry Grandma… I’m about to speak my idea of the truth.

So, here’s a quick run down of things:

  • My family moved to Central Oregon so my Dad could work for my Uncle (his brother-in-law)
  • My Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins have usually lived in rental homes while living above their needs
  • They often went on vacations costing between $5000-$25000 multiple times a year
  • They finally bought a house costing over a million dollars with $7000/month mortgage payments
  • They spoiled my cousins with multitudes of gifts with absolutely no ruling power over them… basically catering to all over their wants and needs
  • They purchased many “toys” including: boats, jetskis, motorcycles… and a fucking teepee
  • Now, due to them living above their means and the economy, they’re bankrupt, the business is bankrupt (hence my Dad being unemployed for about 6 months), and they’re being kicked out of their house
  • My family’s being forced to bite their tongues as we help them move out knowing that they thoroughly fucked us over by living above their means
  • They’re moving in less than 2 weeks and still don’t know where they’re going to live while bringing a bunch of shit with them because they can’t seem to let go all of their useless, materialistic accessories
  • Worse yet, I don’t believe they’ve learned too much from the experience yet or haven’t adjusted because they’re still going out to eat and buying 60 oz. steaks for 40 dollars and buying Jamba Juice(s) for 6 people

Unfortunately, they still remain fools.  Just the other day, as my Dad and I were loading up their firewood that we were getting for them (with the help of my cousin Corey visiting from Oregon City who I haven’t seen for 5-6 years), my Uncle made the comment, “and here we thought we were going to live in this house for the rest of our lives.”

My Dad, being the kind gentleman he is replied, “Sorry buddy, it really sucks.”

To which my Uncle replied, “yeah, we wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for the economy taking such a downturn.”

I walked about 50 yards before I couldn’t help but to explode in laughter.  My uncle is trying not to guilt trip himself by blaming his problems on this all-powerful, overseeing thing called “The Economy.”  Well well, I hate to admit it to him (well, I’d love to but I’d probably piss my parents off too much and it’s not so much my place) but the economy is the way it is because of people like him and his family; the people who lived above their means, bought houses they knowingly couldn’t afford because they weren’t knowledgeable about the lack of accountability on the banks part, and surrounded themselves with useless toys. 

It’s not the Economy’s fault that you’re in the shithole uncle, it’s your own… and in so doing you subsequently fucked everyone else.

Now, I have to suck it up and work at your goddamn garage sale because you’re my family.  I frankly don’t have that many feelings for you other than dislike and resentment because I’ll be sitting their watching you sell off all of your useless shit knowing that you bought this stuff and went on vacation for years while my family lived at its means… and yet, my Dad fell along your way and became unemployed not because of his doing, but because you couldn’t resist spending loads of money. 

You deserve what you got, my Dad doesn’t.

And yet, I’m still working at your garage sale and helping you out to appease my parents.


One Response to “General Topics Entering My Brain”

  1. crscheid June 9, 2009 at 9:21 PM #

    I have extended family (an uncle) who’s the same way. It’s worse though (well, maybe not the by the measure of extravagance), because his wife has a very successful career related to the medical industry and he spends all the money, enough to make the same complaints about the bad economy. This is the house they live in:

    And recently, he thought another good investment would be to buy one of his daughters a skid steer. Also been asking us to move back to the valley to help us work on his house, as well as several other properties that he owns.

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