Woo Comic Book Reviews!

30 May

Megan and I went to Berkeley yesterday so I could drop off some copies of my graphic journal.  We went to one comic shop that was huge… I didn’t really like how it was organized, but I feel like I could have spent a long time searching through the independent comics/zines/graphic novels.

I just woke up and took a shower so my eyes are a little blurry looking at this super bright computer screen.  That will make typing these reviews incredibly fun!

Worst to Best:

Battle for the Cowl #3


Check out http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=user_review&id=1039 for another opinion.

Okay, so I’ve suddenly gotten into buying Batman comics… right, and I manage to dish out probably $60 on the whole Battle for the Cowl line… and I’m soon realizing now… What the fuck!?  I suppose all of those villains on the front are so fanboys can jerk off to them (oooh Edward Nigma… ohhh baby, yeah!) and I have no fucking clue why the Killer Moth guy’s there, anyway.

So, a lot has been happening in Gotham… again.  Oh shit, the whole town’s on fire… again.  Oh whoring Sea Otter, the police are barely doing shit… again.  Seriously, as it’s been said in the other reviews, this is probably the 3rd time in about 2-3 comic book years that Gotham’s been in shambles.  They should still be repairing buildings from stories that happened in the 90s. 

A lot of what’s been happening just hasn’t been shown… Frankly, I believe they could have easily done Battle for the Cowl in the Bat-titles without having to put everything to a hault, cancel things, and bring up all of these short miniseries to have the readers spend their money on.  I suppose the most frustrating thing (that every other reviewer has bitched about) is how DC comics has handled this whole storyline.  They can’t shut their pie hole for one moment… This whole time they’ve been like BIG EVENT BIG EVENT IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING AS YOU KNOW IT and been telling us readers “oohhhh, no way is Dick Grayson going to be the new Batman like you all guessed he would… be prepared for surprises!”  I suppose I’m just mildly amused.  I did like the second issue… I kind of liked some other stuff, but I suppose, overall, I’m left a bit disappointed.

Also, how did Alfred approve of letting Damien take the Robin-guise… really?  I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t think Alfred would encourage him.

This rating kind of encompasses the whole series as a whole:

2/5 Stars



Tales of the TMNT #58

This comic continues the story from issue #52, and I feel like I should have had crazy knowledge about that issue before reading this one.  Truth is, that issue was a bit confusing to me… and this one was too.

I guess it was just a problem of not knowing what was going on… or why it was going on.

The bad Utroms got a hold of a crystal in the last issue, and they use it to wake up Galactose, the giant space vampire.  Okay, I actually think Galactose is pretty funny… the issue’s with the Cowboys of Moo Mesa… and since the character’s a giant rip off of Galactus from Marvely (same color scheme and everything), I believe it’s just more of a tribute.  Oh, and Lactose is the sugar in milk… that’s why it’s funny.

That was about the only funny pun in the whole book.  Raph, Mike, and Casey keep getting distracted by eating and coming up with more puns rather than focusing on the mission at hand… which, I don’t know, is saving the whole Universe.

When the universe is torn apart and we learn that the TMNT live in something similar to DC’s multiverse, it’s pretty cool looking.

The art’s really what saves this issue.  It looks beautiful and has a slick feel to it.  Sure, the tributing splash page looks a little weird, but it’s still really accessible art.

I suppose I’m just a little TMNT burnt out (not like I’m going to a garage sale today to search for back issues) with how up and down Tales can be since it’s nearly a different writer each issue.  Plus, I’m just super excited for Volume Four #30…

3/5 Stars



Green Lantern #41

Well, some reviewers have been fans of this latest run for Agent Orange… I’m a little wary.  I enjoyed the Rage of the Red Lantern part, but this seems a little too weird for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Larfleeze as a character and how fucked up he is… it’s just a bit confusing.

The art’s pretty neat on this issue, but it wavers a bit on the inking side of things.  Some frames will look really slick in their style while others will seem sort of different.

I think this is an issue that I’ll like better when I go back and reread it after Blackest Night or something.

The issue basically picks up exactly right after the last one, and it features some witty internal dialogue by good ol’ Hal Jordan.  Fatality comes in to save John Stewart, and the Guardians keep on fighting Larfleeze’s “Corps.”

I found the point of Hal trading Larfleeze information for the Hope ring that Larfleeze greedily wants a little forced for the plot, and the big reveal of how screwed up the Guardians are really wasn’t as big as the issue advertizes.  Nevertheless, the last page surprised the hell out of me.  I stared at that page for a good bit trying to figure out if what just happened… really happened.  I may not be too happy about it, but way to go Geoff Johns for making me crave the next issue.

To me, the issue seemed occasionally forced, but it still kept up the beat heading into Blackest Night at being well paced, well drawn, and very surprising.

3.5/5 Stars



Unthinkable #1

To be honest, I’ve hesitated before on picking this up.  I saw it in the comic store a couple weeks ago, but I just wasn’t sure if I should get it.  Then, I heard about the writer getting held over by TSA for his script for the comic being with him in his luggage, and them thinking he was a terrorist for it.  I just couldn’t resist it after that.  Plus, there are a lot of indie comics out right now that have “un” in their title so it’s hard to keep them straight.

The story involves a group of people involved in the Think Tank; people representing different areas all brainstorming after 9/11 what could happen terrorism-wise.  We follow Ripley who’s a bigshot Hollywood Screenwriter.  He’s quite pertrubed when he sees 9/11 because it kind of seems like what happened in one of his movies.  He gets invited to the Think Tank at his brother’s funeral by an unnamed man who’s the head of it all.  A brief meeting between everyone doesn’t go well, and then within 8 years the program gets shut down.

There’s one page in particular that I found pretty damn good.  It’s just one page and it clearly demonstrates a key highlight of everything that has happened to Ripley within those 8 years to catch us up to Ripley present-day.

Now, all of a sudden, terrorist attacks are looking exactly like what the Think Tank came up with.  The Think Tank was designed to prevent future attacks, not give terrorsts blue prints. 

Sure, the first issue’s a bit predictable, but I believe that’s only because it’s setting the stage for the next 5 issues (it’s a limited series).  The art’s very stylish and I’m glad to be reading a comic that’s taking the medium and trying to push the boundaries.  Sure, it’s fantastical and grand, but it’s grounded in realism unlike superheroes.  This is a great read for people not even that big into comics.

4/5 Stars

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