Past Couple of Days

21 May

Figured I’d give ya guys an update since we haven’t posted for a bit, and because our views have been down to an average of two views a day. 

We never did go to that estate sale because we thought it might be a scam.  Instead, Megan, Nina, and I went to Berkeley to go check out some of the shopping stuff.  I actually saw a girl, Lindsey, who works in the CHWS office at Buffalo Exchange which was pretty neat/weird.  I bought “Thumbsucker” and Megan got the new St. Vincent album.  We also had some really yummy frozen yogart (damn, how do you spell that…).  Also, Aaron (my best friend in Bend) and Nina were awkwardly flirting back and forth over my phone despite never meeting or talking before.  He now has an interesting picture of himself as his picture ID…
That night we went to the California State University East Bay for a memorial concert, and one of the pieces was written by Megan’s uncle.  I really liked all three movements and could really feel his influence from film.

Tuesday we did some stuff… We went swimming… Yeah.  Oh wait, we went to Berkeley again.  Man, my days are out of order… don’t pay attention to that.  Well, Megan and I went to Berkely with her Mom.  It was 4th st for some other shopping… I don’t remember much because I fell asleep in Anthropologie.

Yesterday, Megan and I took her dog Shadow to Lake Chabot with Liam.  We hung around this pond-like part that I really liked because there were a lot of critters.  Some red-ear slider turtles (the type of Turtles that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are) were sunbathing on a log and swimming around it.  Shadow and I scared a giant Bullfrog.  Spotted a couple lizards and scared a pretty big yellow racer garter snake.  Then, in the forest, Liam and I ran into a wild Raccoon.  It was pretty nice to see a Raccoon somewhere other than the city.
Later that day, Megan’s Grandma came over and ended up staying the evening.  We played Rummy and I ended up kicking everyone’s asses.

Today, we just sort of hung out.  We went to downtown Alameda… well, I don’t even know if it’s downtown… it just sort of reminds me of downtown Bend.  Anyway, it’s the main shopping area on the main “island” of Alameda.  We went to some Antique shops which Pauline’s or something had some really interesting prints but they were way too overpriced for a rolled up shitty piece of paper.  Really, it’s no wonder they have so much junk; they never sell any of it.  The other antique shop was  a lot more organized, but it didn’t really have any prints which we were looking for to decorate our apartment.  Then we went to Blue Diamond… something or other, and I ended up spending $20.03 on books.  I got a Jeffery Brown book, Into the Wild, a humorous encyclopedia of guilty pleasures, and two books making fun of/celebrating superheroes.  Pretty good deals, really.
We relatively recently got back from getting kicked out of a pool while hanging out with Momoko, Megan’s friend.  I swam back and forth across the pool as the two of them played “catch up from college” in the hot tub.  I’m getting a bit tired of swimming to rehabilitate my knee so I’m definitely going to have to diversify it up when I get home.

My sister had her giant surgery today.  It lasted 4 and a half hours and the doctors removed a congealed mass of blood vessels aka Tumor out of her foot the size of an egg.  The surgery went great and she doesn’t feel too shitty right now.  She has to stay overnight in the hospital, but that’s alright.  Lillian, being the weird girl that she is, had one of the nurses take pictures of the entire surgery for her.  After the surgery, my parents got tired of sitting on their asses and went out geocaching around this hospital.

My extended family’s a mess and are seemingly showing up all for my sister’s graduation: yipee.

The season finale of 24 was okay.  I kind of guessed the whole Tony playing everyone for his own purpose thing way before it happened.  I’m glad how a lot of it went down, but the next season seems like it’s either going to start weeks or months after this one or it’s going to start years.  Like, Jack’s finally decided to settle down and focus on his family with his daughter and granddaughter, and then something drastic happens and he gets called in.  However, coming in on just this season, I really liked how the whole President side of things worked out, and I hope some of those characters reappear.

We may go to Alcatraz on Saturday.  I’m excited for whatever we do.  Hopefully we’ll do some garage sale-ing too.

Battle for the Cowl #3 was released this week… I think I’m going to pick it up in San Francisco and then buy a new one to keep nice in Bend… I’m ridiculous. 

I have three comic shops scoped out to drop off my graphic journal at in San Francisco.  So, hopefully that will go well.  Anyway, Megan’s reading and I’m going to go bother her and give her company.


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